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  Mrs. J.A. McDonald Celebrates 85th Birthday

Sunday was a very happy day for Mrs. J. A. McDonald of Celeste when all her children and grandchildren came to help her celebrate her 85th birthday.

Those enjoying the day were Mrs. J. A. McDonald, the honoree; Mrs. and Mrs. Joe Sparks, Mrs. and Mrs. B. N. McCraw, Wilma McCraw, Louise McCraw, and Bert McCraw, Jr., Mrs. A. J. Byers, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Byers, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roach, Estelle Roach, Jimmy Roach, Howard Roach, and Ernest Roach, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Roach and Joe Garland Roach, Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Sparks and Marleta Todd, Mrs. Felix Roach, Miss Opha Everett and Aunt Tennie Tatum of Celeste; Dr. J. Frank McDonald and son Frank McDonald of Hillsboro; Mrs. Sallie McDonald, Mrs. Bill Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lacy and Lois Sue Lacy, Mildred June Lacy, and Mr. and Mrs. John Dodson, Elizabeth Dodson of Leonard; Mr. and Mrs. Royce Fuller of Farmersville; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Simmons, Jack Simmons, Jr., and Billie Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Duck of Greenville.--Reporter.  (Thursday, November 7, 1927, The Greenville Messenger)

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