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Two Killed By Lightning

Another Man is Seriously Injured
Four Others Have Narrow Escape From Bolt

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Greenville, Texas--June 28, 1910--Brack Moore, who resided about seven miles northwest of this city, was struck by lightning and instantly killed about 12 o'clock today. The same bolt of lightning seriously and perhaps fatally injured Tom Cockran. Mr. Cockran has been unconscious ever since the stroke.

The two men and a twelve-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopewell were chopping cotton on Mr. Hopewell's farm when a heavy rain began falling. The two men took shelter from the rain under a tree and in a few minutes the bolt of lightning struck the south side of the tree with the result as stated. The boy was standing under a tree a short distance away and was not injured. The boy gave the alarm and when parties arrived from a near-by residence, Mr. Moore was dead and Mr. Cockran was thought to be deaf for several minutes.

Mr. Moore was born and reared in the vicinity of Kingston and was forty-five years of age. He was a bachelor and was residing by himself on the farm of Mrs. Shields. Mrs. Lige Jenkins of Tidwell is a sister of the deceased.

Mr. Cockran has resided in that vicinity for about four years, having moved from Alabama. He is fifty-nine years of age and has no family.

At four o'clock this afternoon Mr. Cockran was still alive, but had not rallied.

(June 29, 1910, The Dallas Morning News)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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