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A Big Hail Storm
The Celeste Cotton Mill Badly Damaged

The heavy rain and hailstorm last Saturday night did much damage in the north part of Hunt County and was felt throughout the entire county. There appears to have been a scope of territory a few miles wide in the southeastern direction from Celeste to Campbell in which the storm was most severe.

The west end of Celeste, where the Cotton Mill is located, was blown out, the Cotton Mill windows were all broken by hail and great damage was done to the machinery by the wind, hail, and water. Farmers living in the territory mentioned, in many cases, that their cotton will certainly have to be planted over and have, in some cases, come here to procure seed for the planting.

W. W. Waddle, of the Jacobia community, reports that a heavy icicle broke thorough a new roof at his house and in other parts some window lights were broken, and a number of farmers say that a garden truck was beaten down, cotton stripped of its leaves or beaten into the earth, while the fruit was beaten from the trees or ruined by bruising.

The plate glass windows of Stephens Brothers Drug Store at Celeste and many other window lights were broken out in that town, which appears to have been the storm center.

A few barns and outhouses were blown from their foundations and the Celeste country generally shaken up, and great damaged done to growing crops over the county.

(May 3, 1907, The Greenville Messenger)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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