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Celeste Brothers Receive Honors At Universities

Celeste--Charles and Joe Tillerson, sons of Celeste ISD Superintendent G. W. Tillerson, were recipients of honors from their respective universities at the midyear term end. Charles Tillerson, a 1960 graduate of Celeste High School, received his Master of Arts degree in mathematics from North Texas State University on January 20, 1967. Tillerson was among the eighty-five graduate students in the winter commencement exercises. While completing his graduate work at the Denton university, Tillerson taught in the mathematics department of Dallas Baptist College, Dallas. Mrs. Nancy Tillerson, is employed in the Irving Public School as librarian. Their home is in Irving.

Joe Tillerson, the second son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Tillerson, is an aerospace major at Texas A&M University, College Station. He was selected among top designers in an engineering graphics course at the university, according to a release from that school.

Student teams of three researched and designed campus planning, nuclear fallout disaster plan, rifle and sheet range, hobby center or automated water skiing facilities projects. Thirty-seven visiting engineers from fifteen Texas and Louisiana cities served as course consultants during an early semester visit. Winning designs were submitted for student and visiting engineer critique just before the recent final examination.

The visiting engineer program was set up through Halliburton Chair of Engineering, Professor Charles S. Rodenberger. The engineering graphics department faculty, headed by Dr. James H. Earle, facilitated its operations. Student design proposals were videotaped for orientation of future classes through A&M's educational TV network.

(February 7, 1967, The Greenville Herald Banner)

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