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Celeste Election

For Mayor---D. C. Kennedy, 95; T. J. Neely, 22
For City Attorney---Jack Stone, 110
For Secretary-Treasurer---J. S. Williams, 52; Tip Ewing, 62
For City Marshall---W E. Keith, 96; J. W. Stanford, 18
For Aldermen (two to be elected)---N. Z. Stephens, 89; R. B. Mitchell, 68; R. W. Bagley, 55

Saturday night, the Methodist Church had a narrow escape from being consumed by fire. While a choir of young people was practicing a song, one of the boys in lifting a chair over the organ struck the chandelier and broke an arm off, letting out the gas in a volume of half an inch, which ignited and blazed to the ceiling. The Rev. Leo Sanders with quick presence of mind got an iron bucket and capped the flamed, thereby prevented the woodwork from catching fire. The gas was shut off at the plant and that which was in the pipes burned out in a few minutes. Very little damaged was done.

(The Celeste Courier, April 12, 1907, The Greenville Messenger)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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