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PTA '82 Fall Festival

The Celeste Parent Teachers Association appreciates all the moms, dads, grandmas, businesses, and citizens who made its 1982 Fall Festival a success. The total amount made was $3,843.73. A committee will be making recommendations of school projects for which the money will be used.

A highlight of the carnival this year was the King and Queen's Court present at 9:00 PM in the auditorium. Stella Cummings was crowned queen and Jana Giles, princess. Their escorts were Scott Willeford and Eric Evans, respectively.

Marsha Godwin was recognized for her efforts in organizing the queen's contest. She was assisted by Gwen LaFavers and the chairpersons for each grade 4 - 12. The students and teachers enjoyed the Sales Days held at school to make money for the king and queen's contest.

The mistress of ceremonies was Kandace West and music was provided by Georgia Abell and the RCG Band. Tim and Ryon Gilliam Sang accompanied by Billie and Brandon Gilliam.

Special thanks goes tot he following who donated projects: Susan Minder, wind chimes, Benita Giles, hair permanent; Sue Redfearn, Blue Devil latch hook rug; Lucy Gibson, turtle ceramic pot plants; Theda Roach, five-star homemade quilt; Sue Milton, blue and white afghan; Ruth Herman, ceramic pitcher and bow; Carol Willeford, barbecue brisket; Theda Roach and Summer House, hanging macramé pot plant.

Another highlight of the carnival was the auction of donated prizes that was held in place of bingo. Hubert Shields was the auctioneer.

Lou Evans was in charge of the committee who collected prizes and donations for the carnival.

Fall Festival Nominees and Results
12th grade: Tammy Whitworth and Brad Liford, $220.55;
11th grade: Stella Cummings and Scott Willeford; $300.62;
10th grade: Chawn Gipson and Darron Godwin, $228.05;
9th grade: Rebecca Dunham and Jeff Hansell; $219.60;
8th grade: Karen Babers and Kirk Holdridge, $326.05;
7th grade: Christy Speir and Jason Dodson, $194.62;
6th grade: Michelle Easley and Jason Long, $$201.00;
5th grade: Jana Giles and Eric Evans, $334.21:
4th grade: Danielle Hackney and Darby Hubbard, $139.55

Total: $2,171.25

Fall Festival Booths
Kindergarten: Duck Pond, $39.47;
Kindergarten: Sweet Shoppe, $56.45;
First Grade : Grab Bag, $98.87;
First Grade : Raffle, $48.55;
Second : Cake Walk, $135.61;
Second : Shoot Out, $50.25;
Third : Wheel of Fortune, $41.95;
Third : Football Toss, $36.75;
Fourth : Penny Toss, $38.85;
Fourth : Hit the Teacher, $31.07;
Fifth : Miniature Golf, $34.80;
Fifth : Bean Bag Toss, $57.10;
Sixth : Surprise Package, $47.45;
Sixth : Spook House, $101.25;
Seventh : Basketball Throw, $134.60;
Seventh : Drawing for Prize, $9.50;
Eighth : Country Store, $24.25;
Eighth : Project, $20.75
9, 10, 12 : Food, $345.25;
Eleventh : Auction, $296.25
Eleventh : Homemade Ice Cream, $52.75;
Special Ed : Crafts, $29.71

Total : $1,731.48
Expense : 62.00
Total Net : $1,669.48

(Picture One: Celeste PTA Coronation Winners were junior class with $362.00 and the fifth grade with $334.20. Left to right, King and Queen Scott Willeford and Stella Cummings, Jana Giles and Eric Evans. Staff Photo)

(Picture Two: Entertainment - at the Celeste PTA Fall Festival Coronation singing, "Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Stone" Left to right, Ryon, Billie, Tim, and Brandon Gilliam. Staff Photo)

(November 4, 1982, The Leonard Graphic)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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