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1936 CHS Class Celebrates 50th Year

On a day late in May fifty years ago, forty-three seniors marched down the aisle at CHS Auditorium (long since torn down) and received diplomas. The occasion was commemorated last Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 PM at the Community Room of the First National Bank. Ten graduates braved the stormy weather to attend.

Light refreshments were served by the ladies and four hours of reminiscing, looking at old pictures, discussing grandchildren, and fellowshipping were enjoyed throughout the afternoon.

The highlight of the event was the arrival of our loved English teacher, "Miss Mary" Roach. She is without a doubt the youngest eighty-seven year old lady anybody could imagine and is truly a "queen" in her own right--charming, lovable, and gracious in every respect. It seemed appropriate to read along, "Blue Devils, Who and Why," originated by Miss Mary's loved late husband, J. Garland Roach who was superintendent most of our class years. To refresh memories, the Blue Devils were the bravest, most daring, courteous, unselfish company of soldiers in France during World War I of which Garland Roach was a part of, so the Celeste Blue Devils were appropriately named at the end of this world war.

A silent time of meditation was observed in loving memory of the fifteen class members who have passed on. Letters from classmates unable to attend were read, those being Vera Pearce Perkins, Inez Swafford Alvery, Philip Stone, and former superintendent, Jones Pearce.

(Picture and caption: First row: Hazel Compton Rackley, Willie Faye Purkey Compton, Lorene Rutherford Stapleton, Ruth Duncan Walker; second row: Nancy Bishop Goodman, Edith George Morgan, Mrs. Mary Roach, Gerald Walker; third row: Kathleen Gibbs Wharton, D. W. Rigsby, Jr., and Albert Granberry.)

(Undated known, May 29, 1986)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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