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The Close of School

  (The following poem was given to the graduating seniors of Shepherd School 
in the Spring of 1931 by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jordan.  This past Easter
a copy of the poem was given back to Mrs. Jordan by the Shepherd students.  
Mrs. Jordan would like to now pass it on and dedicate it 
to the graduating seniors of Wolfe City High School)
 The Close of School

Our school is out and we must part,
    Perhaps to meet no more;
But thoughts of you will fill my heart
    As life's swift days pass o'er.
Your winning smile has brought me joy
    Each day that we have met;
The kindness of each girl and boy
    I never shall  forget.
'Tis sad, indeed, to say good-bye
    It touches every heart;
However time now is nigh
    When you and I must part.
So often here we separate
    And far from friends must go,
But when we enter Heaven's gate
    No parting we shall know.
I've done my very best for you
    I've tried with all my might
To point you to a better view
    Of everything that's right.
Now is the time to plan for days
    That are not far ahead
When you must face the world's cold ways
    And earn your daily bread.
Unless you aim for something high
    'Tis sure you can't attain
The ranks of life some occupy   
        Who at the top now reign.
I hope that your strive, not shirk,
    To learn all that you can
Then link all that you know with work,
    For such will make a man.
Yes, silver, gold, and diamonds, too
    All precious things, indeed;
But education offered you
    Will bring in things you need.
If knowledge great you have in store
    Success is almost sure;
Keep struggling 'til you reach the shore
    And make all things secure.
Guard well your thoughts, for they are heard
    By Christ, the King of Kings.
And, too, watch every little word
    Lest you say some evil thing.
Touch not tobacco, alcohol,
    All kinds of vice disdain:
So careful be for fear you fall
    Too low to rise again.
Be not ashamed Christ to confess--
    His life for you was giv'n,
Seek now to know His righteousness
    To wear a crown in Heav'n.
If you can give a helping hand
    Withhold it not, I pray:
Because your noble deeds will stand 
    When you have passed away.
I wish for you a happy life
    And many years to live;
Just call on Jesus when in strife
    Assistance He will give.
The time is here.  Our paths divide;
    Take courage; use your pluck.
I pray an angel you to guide,
    So, good-bye, now, 
    And, good luck.
      --J. C. Jordan

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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