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Blue Devils Den - High School News

Twelfth Grade

The girls' trips are over and things will be calm until the boys start getting ready to go to Austin. Everything was rather hectic last week with six weeks tests and the girls' getting ready for their trip to Austin.

Eleventh Grade In Algebra I, we have been studying special products and special factoring.

Ninth Grade

The class is glad that Gary Lyon has come back to school after a short stay in the hospital.

Junior High School News

Eighth Grade

For the next two six weeks, we will be having health instead of science. Our junior high basketball season is almost over and we believe is has been a successful one. Now the girls are getting ready for volleyball and the boys are preparing for track.

Seventh Grade

The junior high teams started action in the Blue Ridge Tournament last Tuesday night. The girls started off by defeating Trenton 28 to 20. Trenton beat our boys and Celeste will play Westminster next. Shari Carroll won the school spelling contest.

Sixth Grade

We are glad that everyone in our class is well and back in school again.

Grade School News

Fifth Grade

In social studies, we have been studying about merchants and explorers. We are glad that Donnie Spoonemore is back at school after an illness.

Fourth Grade

We have redecorated our bulletin board using the George Washington theme. We are sorry that Richard Dees and Tammy Spoonemore have been sick.

Third Grade

The third graders are now enjoying baseball since Charlie Shuler, Keith Daniels, and Thes Williams brought their bats and balls to school. We have finished our study of cold places, Alaska and Norway. The school nurse tested everyone's eyes and she found that some of us may need to wear glasses.

Second Grade

We have been studying about George Washington in several different ways. We have decorated our bulletin board using various things such as liberty bells, statues, bald eagles, flags, and more. Cheryl Waters brought the book, Hello, George Washington and Steve Sumrow brought the book, Washington's Birthday, to share with us.

First Grade

These first graders have finished reading their books: Karen Whitworth, Danny Black, Steven McCollum, Larry Brooks, Gary Brooks, Kandace West, Katrina Ellison, Greg McGee, and Billy Seward.

Mystery Spotlight

The mystery spotlight we have for this week is a very nice, well-known young lady. She is seventeen years old, five feet five inches tall, and some of her favorites are: subject, history; food, pizza; and pastime, ice skating. She is a cheerleader, member of the FHA, and active in all class activities. Can you guess our mystery person?

The answer to our mystery person is: Theresa Holland.

("Blue Devils Den," editors: Debbie Abernathy and Kim Morton, March 1, 1974, The Celeste Courier)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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