Happiness Is...Being District Champs

Celeste Devilettes--Front row, left to right: Pam Duncan, Judy Justus, Ouida Thorp, Becky Perkins, Glenda Burnett, Jenny Dickeson; second row: Janis Justus, Julie Farmer, Rose Mary Thurman, Pat Arnwine, Debra Davis, Carolyn Gray, Diane Lamm; standing: Linda Weatherley, Martha Sumrow, Alice Roach, Joanna Kirkpatrick, Eddie Ruth Evans, Liza Mae Nelson, Sue Warwick, and Coach G. W. Tillerson.

Gober Plowboys--Front row, left to right: Billy Hilliard, Ray Garcia, Clark Huffman, Ronald Crow, Mike Roberts, Billy Robinson; second row: Doug Morgan, Don Grisham, Glendon Perry, Larry Blain, Terry Don Brent, Bobby Robinson, and Coach Jerry Don Smith. (Staff Photos by George White)

(February 16, 1967, The Greenville Herald Banner)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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