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Nominated for County District Clerk: N. A. Barnard.

Temporary Chairman For Taft Election: Dr. T. M. McDonald

To State Convention--C. A. Duck, H. F. Lancaster, M. Kimbrough, U. G. Roach, Eli Moore, M. C. Compton, J. I. Perkins, J. T. Whetsell, W. A. Smith, R. A. Long, H. T. Andrews, S. I. Thompson, T. M. McDonald, H. A. David, J. R. Lawrence, J. C. Young, D. A. Young, Dallas, Harbert, W. R. Scott, D. T. Odom, and H. F. Morrow.

To Congressional Convention--R. A. Long, M. Kimbrough. U. G. Roach, T. M. McDonald, H. F. Lancaster, J. C. Young, D. A. Young, Eli Moore, and C. A. Duck.

The convention declared by unanimous vote the election of Thomas I. Roach as county chairman, he having received a majority of all votes cast in the county.

The county was supporting William H. Taft over Roosevelt.

(August 5, 1912, The Dallas Morning News)
(Other names were mentioned)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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