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Jack Cobb

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Friday, Jan 19, 2007

QUINLAN — Jack Cobb could likely be remembered for any number of reasons.

Cobb was the former company commander of the Greenville National Guard, began the Vocational Agriculture Department in the Quinlan Independent School District, helped found the Quinlan Lions Club, helped charter the Quinlan Bank and served as president of the board of the Hunt Memorial Hospital District, among other accomplishments.

Services for Cobb are scheduled at 11 a.m. today at Goggan’s Funeral Home in Quinlan. He died Jan. 17 in a Rowlett hospital.

Cobb received a B.S. degree from Sam Houston State in 1948, a master of science degree from East Texas State Teacher’s College in 1952 and earned his Army aviation wings in 1957. His military career included a tour of duty in Korea from 1946 to 1947. He was company commander of the Greenville National Guard and was mobilized to Fort Polk during the Berlin Crisis.

Later he was the National Guard Battalion commander headquartered in Terrell. He retired from the military with the rank of Army colonel on July 28, 1987.

Jack Gray served under Cobb in the 72nd Separate Infantry Brigade.

“I was just a lowly enlisted man,” Gray said. “He was a highly respected commander. It was a pleasure to serve with him.”

Cobb started the Vocational Agriculture Department in the Quinlan Independent School District and retired from teaching in 1981 with 33 years of service. The Quinlan VO-AG Center is named in his honor.

“Mr. Cobb is a very beloved man who contributed so much to the Quinlan FFA program,” said Tiffony Ewing Hopper, Director of School Community Relations with the Quinlan ISD.

Hopper noted in an e-mail how Cobb, who moved with his wife Jacque Joyce Cobb to Quinlan in 1949, was well known and well respected in the community.

“I remember the first time I met Mr. Henry Renshaw, lifetime resident of Quinlan, and according to Henry when he recounted early Quinlan days and he would refer to Mr. Cobb, before saying his name, Henry always referred to Mr. Cobb as ‘that newcomer, Jack Cobb’,” Hopper wrote. “I got such a kick out him saying that every time, because not only was this in the year 2000, I only knew Mr. and Mrs. Cobb as the most loyal Quinlan residents who still to this year helped Quinlan schools by volunteering in any capacity that they could. They have opened their home for school garage sales to help provide the Star Scholarships, Mr. Cobb has spoken to students about Patriotism around Veteran's Day each year and so much more.”

Hopper said Cobb’s legacy in Quinlan will live on.

“As husband of Jacque Cobb, the father of three great children including our own 2nd grade teacher Joy Tadlock, the teacher and mentor of Quinlan FFA students for several generations, and finally a very long-time resident of Quinlan, Jack Cobb will always be remembered fondly,” Hopper said.

Cobb also served as a deacon for 45 years at First Baptist Church of Quinlan and also helped found the Little League in Quinlan.

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

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