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Lipsey's Grocery Owners See Dream Come True

By Debbie Lipsey

Editors Note: The following article was submitted by Debbie Lipsey, who has had an article about her family's store accepted for publication in a book covering country stores in Texas. The book is to be published by the Northeast Texas Writers Organization of Mount Pleasant.

The store, that most people call Bo's for as long as they can remember, was purchased by Danny Lipsey and Debbie Lipsey on April 1, 1981.

There has been a store at the location since 1922, when the Seabolts built there. The Seabolts leased the land from Alpha Steed, Danny's grandmother.

After the Seabolts, Bo's brother, Eddie Claude Lipsey, returned to Kingston from Chicago. He lasted about three months in business.

The Rushings operated the store around 1934 or 1935, during the time when The Depression was at its worst. The store was closed for about a year before Norris Nix bought it and operated it for about a year.

In September of 1937 Bo Lipsey bought the store and operated it until March of 1943, when he went into the Navy.

Bo sold it to Jim Bradford. The store sold six times while Bo was in the Navy. Bo bought the store back in 1946 and operated it until he retired in 1981.

In the late 1950's Bo remodeled the store. The little, white, wood-framed building has been taking on a weathered look for some time now. It reached a point where it either had to have a face lift, a new building, or lose it in time. We just hated the thought of closing the store. The love and friendships we share with our customers are special to us. Convenient stores and supermarkets are choking the country stores out of business. But with a lot of prayers and support from our family and friends our dream started to come true.

In May we started building a new store. On Sunday, June 24, 1990, the old store was closed and moving began, and on Friday, June 29, the new Lipsey Grocery and Station was opened.

We are thankful to God, our family and friends for this opportunity for service to our community. May God bless you all.

(August 2, 1990, The Wolfe City Mirror)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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