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Victor Myers, Celeste's First All-Star

By Kyle Morton
Staff Writer

The old saying, "Nice guys finish last" will not apply in the case of Celeste High School's Victor Myers. Myers a senior at Celeste, embarrasses the word nice, and he is an A-plus student along with being an outstanding football player.

His many high school accomplishments have already been rewarded as he has been chosen to play in the 52nd Annual Texas All-Star Football Game that will be played in the Astrodome in Houston on July 29, 1986. The 1986 North - South game is a part of the Texas High School Coaches' Association, Inc.

The news of being selected took Myers by surprise, "I was really surprised--I could not believe it when Coach Scott Brown notified me that I was chosen. It shocked me."

The process of being selected can be a long one unless you played for one of the five state championship teams. Then if you're the clean-choice top athlete in your region of your classification the odds are not bad, but the rest of the thirty-four man roster has to be hand-picked from nominations.

"I give Coach Brown (head football coach and athletic director) a lot of credit for my being chosen He nominated me, but he warned me not to get my hopes up because the chances are slim to none of making it," said Myers.

"After awhile they sent a letter wanting to see some of my game films and Coach Brown took care of that, too. Then they wanted to know more about my knee (Myers had knee surgery at the end of his senior year) and I thought that would be the end of my chances of making it."

Myers continued, "One day I was at the doctor's office for a check up on my knee and I got a phone call and it was Coach Brown with the news I had made it. I really could not believe it."

After football season, Myers had a complete reconstruction of his knee, but feels confident that it will be all right.

"My Knee feels like it's one hundred percent and my doctor said it looks as good as any he's seen, so I'm not worrying about my knee," he said.

During Myers four years of football at Celeste, the Blue Devils ran up a four year record of 38-9-4 and four consecutive playoff appearances. Last season when Myers went down with knee injury it was the first time he had missed a playing game due to injury; and Celeste was narrowly defeated.

"I'm not injury-prone, but lately I've been unlucky," said Myers.

Unlucky is a good word from an athlete who has just broken his foot and could have missed the game he has waited so long to play. Two weeks ago, Myers twisted his ankle playing in a pick-up basketball game and broke a small bone in his left foot.

The good news is he will be able to play in the All-Star game. The cast is due to come off on May 23rd. but this will leave only five weeks for Myers to get into football condition.

"This definitely hurts my training, but I feel like five weeks will be enough time to bulk up football size. The wind conditioning will not be as tough as getting my size back.

"I saw last year's game in Texas Stadium and that was the hottest weather I have ever seen football played in, but this year it will not be as bad with the game being played in the Astrodome," he said.

Coming from a Class-A school, some football goers feel small town players cannot hold their own ground against four and five-A school players. Myers sees this game as an opportunity to find out where he stands.

"I'm really excited about getting out there with the other players. Everyone says that the best players in Class-A would not be able to start at a large school, so I'm curious about finding out the differences in classifications."

Myers continued, "Last year's players were impressive, some of them were very strong and quick and I know I will be nervous at the start, but after I get into the game I feel like it will be like an other football game."

If it like any other game Myers has played, the onlookers will be impressed. In high school his senior year, Myers averaged fourteen unassisted tackles per game from his linebacker position. Linebackers is the position Myers is hoping to play in the All-Star game and in college.

"Right now I think I will go to either Austin College or East Texas State. I think I can play for either school and have been contracted by East Texas State, but I would like to go to Austin College because they have such a strong academic background," said Myers.

The Celeste senior has reason to look towards academics as he is ranked second in his class with a better than a ninety-five four-year average. Myers is president of the Beta Club and has competed in the regional finals of the UIL Literary events for the past two years.

The future looks bright for Myers and he seem to handle success with ease, so wherever he decides to attend college, great things will come.

(Pictures) (April 30, 1986, The Hunt County Almanac, Supplement to The Commerce Journal)

Victor Myers Chosen For All-Star Football Game

Victor Myers received one of the highest honors any high school football player could receive on Monday night when he was chosen to be a member of the Texas High School Coaches All-Star Football Team. The game will be played between the North - South in the Houston Astrodome during the week of July 28 - 31. Only one Class A, once Class AA, one Class AAA, etc., ....student from each region of Texas is selected to be a member of the team.

The son of Johnny Myers and Mary Jones, Victor was twice named to the Class A All-Star second team, as a sophomore and as a senior. The Blue Devils have gone past district play the last three years. His sophomore year, Celeste had a 14 - 1 record before losing out in the State Semi-Finals while his senior year, they had an 11 - 1 record after advancing to area competition.

(Undated clipping)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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