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AAU Tournament at Celeste

Dear Classmates,

This is the last time (as far as I can tell) that Celeste High School and town hosted the AAU Tournament. (photo) Notice it was a Southwestern AAU event, probably a regional tournament. Jonnye Joe Hunter's tournament ticket is the dark was on red paper...professionally done. Numbered fifty, it was a student ticket, priced at $1.00 (tax included), March 13 - 16, 1946.

According to "the book," Gene Bostick was captain and E. Vaughn Shelton was coach. Also, in January of 1946, the Dallas Robins and the Dallas Hornets played in Celeste.

Not in "the book," but from the 1946 Blue Devil, the Blue Devilenas of 1945 - 1946 opened the seas with a group of players who had won only seventeen games during the 1944 - 1945 season, and as they were opening this season's play under a new coach, the prospects of a successful season seemed more than dismal. However, the players cooperated with Coach Shelton from the beginning of practice, and their hard and untiring efforts met with almost instant success as they swept through all opposition with a record of twenty-six victories in thirty starts. Numbered among the victims of the small but clever passing Devilenas were the Robins and Hornets, strong independent teams from Dallas, and every girls' team in the District.

The Devilenas entered the Girls' District Tournament as the favorite team, and also made a strong showing in the State AAU Tournament, which was held in Celeste.

Other than their showing in these tournaments, the Devilenas definitely established themselves as the strongest team to perform for Celeste in recent years, and they brought deserved recognition to their town and school, not only by their victorious record but by the high type of sportsmanship which characterized their play throughout the season. Photo


Point 14 21
Lone Oak 20 12
Point 14 11
Boles Home 27 10
Boles Home 25 9
Caddo Mills 21 7
Merit 37 12
Quinlan 15 26
Lone Oak 14 11
Wolfe City 52 12
Floyd 56 8
Boles Home 31 15
Campbell 31 15
Point 15 14
Royse City 36 17
Caddo Mills 13 11
Merit 34 2
Leonard 32 22
Quinlan 15 14
Dallas Robins 22 19
Wolfe City 43 15
Dallas Hornets 20 19
Lone Oak 34 19
Caddo Mills 28 26
Quinlan 12 17
Campbell 28 26
Point 8 11
Trenton 38 13
Trenton 37 24
Boles Home 28 12
Totals 825 459

Blue Devilenas of 1945 - 1946

Gene Bostick, Captain
Dorothy Elam, Forward
Audrey Henslee, Forward
Frances Jackson, Forward
Bettie Jacobs, Forward
Margie Williams, Forward
Thelma Compton, Guard
Zelleva Giles, Guard
Lugene Morrison, Guard

E. Vaughn Shelton, Coach

Frances Gay, Manager

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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