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Celeste Negro is Found Dead Here

James Jordan, Negro who resides near Celeste, was found dead on the Cotton Belt Railroad tracks in Greenville early Sunday morning, June 25, 1950, and is believed to have been killed by a train.

Justice of the Peace Dave Hemsell conducted an inquest and said Jordan was evidently killed when he hit the side of the train. Investigating officers said evidence indicated Jordan as walking along the side of the track toward the east and apparently staggered or fell into the train, which was moving west.

The fact that all of Jordan's injures were on his left side indicated the officers were correct. The Negro suffered a broken neck, skull fracture, a broken left hip, and other breaks and bruises.

His body was found on the south side of the tracks near Logan Street.

Jordan is believed to have met his death around midnight, when railroad officials said a freight train passed through Greenville enroute to Dallas.

The body was picked up by a Gray-Ballard-Sorrells ambulance, and later was turned over to the Grundy Funeral Home.

(June 27, 1950, The Greenville Morning Herald)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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