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Our Town This Week
May 19, 1972

Commencement and Mother's Day yesterday, May 14, and our town was never more inviting--cool just right, sunny and warm, just right, and everything pretty and green.

The old auditorium never was more pleasant nor more peaceful. Groups gathered from all the churches for the traditional eleven o'clock service. Juniors were the "ushernest," Mary's singers were the "singinest," and seniors were the solemnest (and quietly happiest).

Maybe we were sort of partial, but the speaker was the "preachinest." He was our own Bobby Chaney from the Class of '53, the class I began with here, the freshman of '49. Bobby, the Rev. Bobby Chaney from Christian Temple in Colorado City, told it how it is to "step out to the life that is right, right now." He had a most attentive audience as he spoke his beliefs and gave admonitions, a combine joining of the old gospel story and the approach to Life. Dressed to suit his youth, handsome in black suit, red shirt and carnation to match, white tie and shoes, his message carried weight. Bobby was sort of the comedian in his school class, but the quiet, witty, lovable clown. A bit of that was revealed when he made his opening statement, that he was glad to get to preach to the senior class and to "some of his old teachers." And several were there.

Lestie Chaney, you have a right to be proud.

The Jack Newmans keep track of the Jack Seward family in Tokyo via tapes, talked throughout a week and send to each other. Their life is full and interesting, the boys doing TV advertising. Yet they all like the thought of back home in Celeste, some time. One of Jack's latest books, "The Japanese" is played up in "Publisher's Life." Pictured on the cover, Seward's work is described, "An American living in Japan takes the reader on tour of Japanese home life, communal bath, religion, education, business, and government. Seward answers every question a Westerner could ever have about the "inscrutable" Japanese.

See you next week.


(May 19, 1972, The Celeste Courier)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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