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Robbie Coker's Warning About Hopewell Cemetery

This was the entrance to Hopewell Cemetery before
Robbie Coker began to clear away the vegetation.
The entire cemetery looks like this.

Shirley, please warn anybody who may be thinking of going to this cemetery, it is terribly overrun by vegetation, (you cannot take a step without a machete or a nipping tool in your hand), and EXTREMELY dangerous, there are holes everywhere (I fell into holes 3 times today and twisted my ankle more times than I care to admit), snakes are everywhere, (I overturned a marker and beneath it was a copperhead coiled up), and wild animals howling and snarling all around the peripherals (unseen but clearly heard).

It is very important for anyone thinking of entering to know. Please don't take this suggestion lightly. Anyone entering there will be at great risk of bodily harm or even death.

The county has promised me that they will be in there to clear it out - but I don't know when, I have been in touch with them on several occasions concerning the upkeep and maintenance of Hopewell but I have not gotten a clear answer as to WHEN, it will require a HUGE amount of effort and expense.

I don't expect many of the markers to survive much longer.

Robbie Coker

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