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Hunt County, Texas
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Tidwell Cemetery
Hunt Co., Texas

Surveyed August 2001 by Patricia Nall & Elaine Nall Bay



To determine the presence of unmarked graves, the grave dowsing method was used.  If a body was present, the rods crossed in front of the person when she was over the grave.  To determine the approximate age of the person buried in an unmarked grave, we began at the foot/head of the grave and walked the length. The rods crossed at the feet/head and remained crossed until we reached the other end (feet/head).  By counting steps, we figured the age by the following rules:

1-2 steps indicates an infant

2-3 steps indicates a toddler

3-4 steps indicates a child

5 steps indicates an adolescent or short adult

6 steps indicates an adult

7 steps indicates a tall adult


Rows consist of double length plots in varying sizes (2-8 plots). The recording was done by “row” and the division by east/west sections of each “row” are indicated by a row of astericks (*) in the plot information. The first graves listed are on the west side of the plot; the second graves listed in a plot are on the east side of the plot


North Front Section

North Back Section

South Section

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