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 Mrs. W. F. Harbuck Lost Life When Dress Caught on Fire Monday
(April 10, 1930, The Greenville Messenger)

Mrs. W. F. Harbuck, aged seventy-six years, was burned to death at her home corner of Hemphill and Henderson streets, Greenville, early Monday morning.

Mrs. Harbuck was alone at the wash pot, her husband having gone to the front yard to get water, and while taking clothing out of the pot, her dress caught on fire and burned almost completely from her body before her husband returned.

When Mr. Harbuck reached his wife, the dress was burned entirely from her body except for a strip about the waist and that was still burning, the bonnet was also still burning, but her hair had burned, and her body burned all over except for her feet, which were protected by her shoes.

Her stockings were burned down to the top her shoes.

She never spoke after her husband reached her.

Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Harbuck, a native of Georgia, was married to Mr. Harbuck in that state in 1873 and they came to Greenville in 1885 and had resided in or near Greenville for forty-five years and this good woman was loved and esteemed by those with whom she had come in contact.

She is survived by her husband

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