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Tote/Book Bag 8:00 *
T-shirts (large & extra large)  “My Ancestor has me treed”  10.00 *

     “My Family Tree Has Root Rot”
     “Are My Ancestors Your Ancestors?”
     “Genealogists Brake for Courthouses”
     “Don’t Shake My Family Tree”

Book Plates

“The Haunting Past of _____”
 “Emigrating Families of _____”

Magnifying 8” ruler .50
Newsletters of the IGS Vol. 1 – 1992-94  7.50 *
Cemetery Kit 8.00 *
Obituaries & Death Notices from Irving 15.00 *
Cemetery Records of Irving Texas 15.00 *
1850 Dallas County Texas Every Name Index 15.00 *

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Delta County Texas Courthouse Records

Marriage Records of Delta County Texas 1871-1892                            $15.00

Marriage Records of Delta County Texas 1892-1898                            $15.00

Little Known Records of Delta County Texas                                       $15.00

Includes unclaimed marriage licenses; delayed births; list of records Housed at the County Courthouse

Lancaster Descendants in America                                                      $15.00

From VA to TN to AR to TX; related families are Allen, Anderson, Brewer, Decker, Ford, Gillaspie, Glaspie, Hilton, Powell, Pritchard, Singleton, Smith, Tate, Turney, Vernon, Wakefield, Walker, Williams, Williamson and more.

Land Records Filed in Northeast Texas 1833-1876                                 $20.00

Consists of land certificates, surveys, patents from the north and northeastern counties, filed 1833-1876.  Neighbors, place names, heirs of deceased and stat of origin are frequently listed.

Abstract of Title from the John Stewart and Joseph English Surveys         $22.00

These tracts of land were originally designated in the early 1800s and contained approximately 30000 acres.  Residents (including some wills and deeds) of Hunt, Delta, Fannin, Lamar, Cook and other counties are named.

(Please include $2.00 for postage)