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 Davis Mountain Resort Cemetery (Interments 1)


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Hillcrest Cemetery

Obituaries 03/15/05

Photos 08/24/05


This cemetery is located on the outskirts of Fort Davis. It is fenced and well maintained.

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Transcriber Patricia Liddell Hartnett
Photos by Vivian B. Grubbs
Updated by Peggy Allen

Fort Davis Cemetery - Not an active cemetery Location: From Fort Davis, Texas, take Hwy 118 NW for about ten miles to the Fort Davis National Historic Site. Between 1867 and 1886, the post cemetery was the burial place for 86 union soldiers. 83 of the bodies were moved to the San Antonio National Cemetery before 1909.

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Pioneer Cemetery; Historical Marker; & Photos


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Photos by Vivian B. Grubbs
Photos by Patricia Liddell Hartnett
Sacred Heart Cemetery - Interments (2)

Valentine, Texas

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St. Joseph Cemetery & Photos


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Photos by Vivian B. Grubbs
Photos & Transcriptions by Kay Woods-Lopez, Sept. 2007

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