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14 pictures of a woman & her family I only know as "Alma", to the family.  We do not really know who she was! I never met her, but my cousin did.  And from what she remembers of her, Alma always said her family descended from the infamous King of Spain Francisco Franco.  These pictures were in an old suitcase, of my late "Uncle Jack's".  Two of the pictures were marked Beaumont, Texas. I think she may have been born there, in about 1907-1910. Uncle Jack was born in 1903. Uncle Jack was with her for some 40 yrs. But I don't believe they were legally married. 

She may have died in about 1973. 

This information from a very cryptic letter Uncle Jack sent my mother in early 1974.  The suitcase had a few other interesting items in it.  Including, tax documents showing another name. Jack & Alma filed tax returns in 1941 and 1942, under the names, Herbert C Bonds & J C Bonds. And Alma Bonds.  He filed tax returns under these names & worked as a photographer for Olin Mills in Springfield, Ohio in the 1940's. The other names he used were John Barnes. His birth name was Ernie Noel Tierney.  The family still has no real idea as to why he & Alma used alias. 

But they tend to believe it had to do with some secret Navy service.

I personally am skeptical. Time may or may not tell.

He was also known as the black sheep of the family.


Anyway, I really need help in  identifying Alma.

Any questions let me know.

Shana Cardenas in AZ

Note:  Click on small picture to see a larger view.

Alma and siblings

Alma Bond

Alma, her brother and sister

Alma - Christmas 1959


Alma and family 1960 and 1970

Alma and family - Beaumont, Texas

Alma and family

Alma Franco Bonds

Alma and siblings

Alma - May, 1962

Alma with dogs

Alma with little boys


Jack and Alma - December, 1959


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