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1890 Veterans Schedule

Name Rank Dates
Armstrong, James P. Private 1861-1864
Baker, William H. H. Sergeant 1861-1864
Cary, William F. Private 1861-1864
Collins, Jerry Private 1863-1865
Deeds, John H. Private  
Goodwin, James P. Sergeant 1862-1862
Happe, Frank Sergeant 1861-1866
Higby, Augustus First Lt. 1861-1865
McCauley, John Private  
Munger, Harry First Lt. 1861-1863
Nealon, James Private 1863-1868
O'Brien, Patrick Fire Dept. 1863-1865
Patterson, Hugh Private 1864-1866
Rollins, Francis M. Private 1862-1865
Smith, Valentine Apprents Boy 1861-1876
Stackpole, Charles A. Private 1861
Sterling, Charles W. Private 1863-1865
Sweetland, Nicholas H.    

Submitted by Elaine Stone

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