Jim Hogg County Death Records


      Name                    Date       Sex 
Almaraz, Guadalupe G.       1-31-1975	  M         	    
Armentrout, Alfred S.       3-6-1975	  M         	    
Barraz, Consuelo A.         4-10-1975	  F         	    
Benavides, Herminia M.      4-4-1975	  F         	    
Cremar, Teresa P.           9-27-1975	  F         	    
Garcia, Manuel C.           11-6-1975	  M         	    
Garza, Francisca C.         12-12-1975	  F         	    
Lester, Walter L.           2-11-1975	  M         	    
Lester, Walter L.           6-19-1975	  M         	    
Montalvo, Raul P.           2-22-1975	  M         	    
Stroman, Tom P.             4-25-1975	  M         	    
Weathersby, Lyle T.         12-25-1975	  M       

Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.
Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from 1964-1998
are available on microfiche or CD-ROM.
It can also be found at www.rootsweb.com

Amber Davidson
Jim Hogg County Coordinator

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