Jim Hogg County Death Records


    Name                          Date      Sex    

Allen, Kathleen G.              8-29-1977    F                        
Davila, Roberto D. Sr           10-17-1977   M                        
Garcia, Leopoldo Jr             11-24-1977   M                        
Gonzalez, Francisco             1-25-1977    M                        
Guerrero, Beatriz M.            9-22-1977    F                         
Pena, Josefina V.               4-30-1977    F                        
Roberts, Michael L.             12-6-1977    M             


Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.
Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from 1964-1998
are available on microfiche or CD-ROM.
It can also be found at www.rootsweb.com

Amber Davidson
Jim Hogg County Coordinator

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