FANNIN'S COMMAND

James Walker Fannin, son of Dr. Isham Fannin, came from Georgia and arrived in Texas with his family in 1834.  He became involved in the Texas Revolution serving on the Committee of Safety and as a scout for the volunteer army.  As captain of the Brazos Guards, he fought in the battle of Gonzales in October 1835. 

In that same month, Fannin and Bowie, serving as scouts, selected a camp site near Mission Concepcion, and led the Texas forces in the battle of Concepcion.  By January 1836, Fannin was commissioned by Sam Houston as a colonel in the regular army.

Fannin was active in many skirmishes.  Captured at Coleto, he and the other Texans were executed at Goliad by order of General Santa Anna.  Fannin, because he was wounded, was shot separately, while his men were divided up and marched out in three different directions before being executed.

Fannin was the victim of conflicting and changing orders.  The Mexican General Jose de Urrea referred to him as "a worthy foe" and might have spared him and his men except for the order from Santa Anna.

More of the story of the death of these men is recorded in Heroes of the Alamo.  It mentions that most of Fannin's men were mere boys.  

[Source: Heroes of the Alamo  by Mary Ann Noonan Guerra, Alamo Press  ]

               Executed at Goliad, Texas       27 MARCH 1836
      Wall of Honor  

Abercrombie, Wiley A. Frazer, Charles Oliver, John M.

Adams, James Moss

Frazer, William Warren

O'Neal, Zeno R.

Aldridge, Isaac

Frazier, Micajah G.

Osborn, Patrick

Aldridge, John

Freeman, Thomas S.

Owings, Robert Smith

Allen, Layton

Frizzell, Terrell R.

Pace, Robert A.

Allen, Peter

Frost, Hezekiah

Paine, George W.

Allison, Alfred

Fuller, Edward

Parker, John K.

Allston, William L.

Gallagher, Dominic

Parker, William S.

Ames, Allison

Gamble, David

Parvin, William

Anderson, Patrick H.

Garner, Edward

Patton, Charles

Bagby, James S.

Garner, M. C. 

Penny, George W.

Baker, Augustus

Gates, Lucius W.

Perkins, Austin

Baker, Stephen

Gatlin, William James

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Gibbs, John

Petrussewicz, A. Adolph

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Pittman, James F.

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Gimble, John

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Escott, ______

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Winship, Stephen

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Fannin, James Walker

Moody, Edward

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Fowler, Bradford

Nobles, Watkins

Young, James O.

Franklin, Elijah B.

Noland, James

Youngblood, Solomon

Fraser, Hugh McDonald Numlin, John  

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