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Index to Grantees, Victoria County, Texas 1824-1838: Ed Linn Survey

Compiled by Robert W. Shook, Ph.D.

Used by permission of Dr. Shook and Gary Dunnam, Director, Victoria Preservation, Inc. Please do not copy, except for that of your own family research.  If you have questions or need to know more, please contact Dr. Shook via Gary Dunnam.  Email:

This list was compiled directly from the survey map and from the index and lists of grantees in A.B./J. Hammet, The Empresario, Don Martin de Leon, 1973; Leopold Morris, Pictorial History of Victoria County, 1953 and Anna Carolina Caroline Castillo Crimm, Success in Adversity; The Mexican Americans of Victoria County, Texas, 1800-1880; Ph.D.Dissertation, University of Texas, Austin, 1994.  DeWitt, Lavaca and Calhoun County histories may be consulted for names north and east of Victoria County.  Spelling is presented as found on the map.  Accepted authorities on surnames are the owners; phonetic equivalents are easily worked out and corrections made.

A grid of longitude and latitude to facilitate location of surnames is not useful; the scale of the map makes such a grid impractical.  While river and creek frontage classification is not precise, it is useful providing scholars in settlement patterns research material and because land grant documents of the period use this method.  A proportional outline map is provided to facilitate the location of surnames.

The following numbers link the names in the list to frontage:
1. Reserved for Town Lots data
2. Guadalupe River
3. Lavaca River
4. Matagorda/Lavaca Bays
5. Omitted in combination
6. Coleto Creek
7. Garcitas Creek
8. Arenoso Creek
9. Green Lake
10. Espirito Santo Bay
11. Pierce Bayou
12. Choclata Bayou
13. Heath's/Mustang/San Carlos Creeks
14. Clark/Supple Jack Creeks
15. Big Brushy Creek
16. Union/Zorillo Creek
17. Chicolete Creek
18. Mustang/Heath's Creeks
19. San Carlos Creek


  Carvajal, Jose M. Jesus 2 Dust, ? 14 Ha_n, Ebin 2
Alvarado, Faustino 11 Carvajal, Manuel 2


  Hall, Joseph 13
Alveris, Manuel 12 Castillo,Miguel 2 Escalera, Jose Maria II 2 Hanson, Christian 14
Amador, Refugio 2 Castillo, Polito 2 Escalera, Juan N. 2 Heath, Richard 3,13
Ashby, John 3 Ca_usus ?, Narciso 4 Escalera, Manuel 2 Hernandez, Jose M. 6


  Chivers, John 2,6 Esparza. Alejandro 16 Hidalgo, ? 10
Baxter, H. 3 Conray, John 14 Esparza, Dona Manuela 9


Benavides, Eugenio 16 Cortex, Jose Miguel 2  _?_, Maleya 3 Iver, David  _
Benavides, Nicolas 8 Cottle, Almon 2




Benavides, Pedro 12


  Fernandez, Juan 3 Jone?, John  -
Benavides, Placido 16 Daley ?, John 2 Folley, George 3


Benavides, Ysidro 12 Daniel, Juan 2 Fuentes, Felix 10 Kerr, James 13,-
Brecker, Henry 13 Davis, James C. 13




Brown, Anthony 13 Davis, John 13 Gallardo, Pedro 3 Laso, Carlos 3
Brown, Barney 3 De Fuentes, Felix 2 Galvan, Esteban 2 Linn, Eduardo 2
Brown, James 3 De Leon, Agapito 7 Garcia, Desiderio 2 Linn, John J. 2,3
Bueno, Fulgencio 2 De Leon, Don Martin 7,16 Garcia, Diego 14 Lockart, Charles 2
Burns, Arthur 2 De Leon, Dona Patricia 2 Garcia, Don Valentine 7 Lockhart, John 2
Burns, Squire 2 De Leon, Felix 2 Garcia, M. Florentina 12 Lopez, Heguil? 9


  De Leon, Fernando 7,8 Garcia, Pedro 10


Cabiny, John 14 De Witt, Green 2 Garcia, Valentine 14 Maldonado, Bacilio 10
Caldwell, Matthew 13 Dimmitt, Felipe 2 Garriei?, Cleto 11 Manchola, Ma. De Jesus 2,10
Campos, Maxio 10 Douglas, A. 14 Gonzales, Pedro 16 Manso, Leonardo 3
Cano, Juan 4 Douglas, John 14 Gonzales, Simon 12 May, Juan (John J. J.) 15
Cantu, Eustaquio 10 Douglas, John 14 Guajardo, Pascual 12 May, P. 15
Carvajal, Jose Luis 2 Dowlearn, Patrick 2



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