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Please be sure your e-mail is set to accept mail from all users; do not set the preferences to accept mail only from the people you have listed and do not set them to only accept mail from AOL-users.  Sometimes the settings are this way by default so please check the settings (instructions are below).

If you don't have your mail program set properly, some or all people will not be able to contact you, including the Coordinator.  The sender will receive a bounce message telling them you are "NOT ACCEPTING MAIL FROM THIS SENDER" and will be unable to reach you.   This means that you may not receive messages from people who may have information to share with you.  You may not receive replies to queries you submit, you won't receive the automated messages informing you of any replies to your posts and you may not be able to receive look-up requests or other requests for help.

If you set your mail options to accept mail only from AOL-users, anyone who is not an AOL-user will be unable to contact you.  If they try to send you a message, they will also receive a bounce notice telling them know you are "NOT ACCEPTING MAIL FROM THIS SENDER".


How to correct your AOL mail preferences if they are not set properly to accept mail from all users

  1. Go to Keyword: mail controls.
  2. Set them to accept mail from non-AOL users.
  3. Set them for each screen name that you want to receive the mail from (ie. the screen name you use to post a message to the Message board and for the screen name that you use to send someone a message).
  4. Be sure the controls are not set to only accept mail from the people you specify on your list.

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