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Index of Annual Reports of the
North Texas Hospital for the Insane

Submitted by Benny Britton

Annual Report 1886 (Year ending 10/31/1886)
      D. R. Wallace, M.D., Supt.
      Recommend extending wings - foresee necessity
      More stock sheds needed
      Request change in laws - jury trials
      Recommend state appointed Commissioner of Lunacy
      Apothecary (T.S. Pyle) replaced by Clark Griffith on Board & other staff changes
      Reappointment of 2 Board members (McClung & Shortridge) - terms expired

Annual Report 1887 (Third - Year ending 10/31/1887)
      D. R. Wallace, M.D., Supt.
      Custom for autopsy of all cadavera not claimed upon death continues
      Library established - Reavis Library for male side - named in honor of founder
      Origin of Ben French Library for female side
      Range of buildings containing stable, cow stalls and calf shed destroyed by fire
      Steward (W.H. Flowers) resigned - Captain A.C. Alexander appointed June 1
      Druggist (Clark Griffith) resigned - S.L. Massengill appointed as temp. replacement
      Manager (R.M. McClung) dies - replaced by H.T. Nash

 Annual Report 1888 (Fourth - Year ending 10/31/1888)
      D. R. Wallace, M.D., Supt.
      Wings under construction
      Need for additional staff and restraints addressed
      Recommendations for changes in the lunacy laws
      Requests change in annual report from every year to every two years
      Favor creation of office of  Commissioner of Insanity for the State

Annual Report 1889 (Fifth - Year ending 10/31/1889)
      D. R. Wallace, M.D., Supt.
      Arranged to sink an artesian well
      Additions in process of construction
      (No narrative from Superintendent)

Annual Report 1890 (Sixth - Year ending 10/31/1890)
      D. R. Wallace, M.D., Supt.
      Extension wings completed - one on each side - management received 5/26/1890
      Artesian well not completed - work in progress - to depth of 1900 feet
      Fire (on 11/24/1889) destroys barn/grain & hay,  produce, cow sheds & stables;
         New building erected; silo built and greenhouse erected
      Discussion on having female physician staff
      Another appeal for changes in law - treatment delayed from jury trial - advocate
         judge referral - another change was to move from annual to biennial reports
      Favor office of Commissioner of Insanity created
      Female physician hired (Dr. Grace Danforth) 6/13/1890 as 2nd Asst Physician
      Apothecary (S.L. Massengill) resigned - replaced by W.D. Wheless.
      2 Board members (J.S. Griffith & H.T. Nash) resigned  - replaced by Matthew
         Cartwright & Judge Green Clark)

Annual Report 1891 (Seventh - Year ending 10/31/1891)
      John Preston, M.D., Supt.
      Infirmary in course of erection
      Inadequate water supply - artesian well under construction (2 yrs) @ 2100 feet
      Use of restraints decreased unless necessary
      Park of 25 acres fenced with pickets - iron gate with stone posts placed at the front
         of park entrance - new fence with automatic iron gate built
      Water reached by another source (deep well pumps) - provides adequate water

Annual Report 1892 (Eighth - Year ending 10/31/1892)
      John Preston, M.D., Supt.
      Artesian well still under construction - slow process - contracted 1889
      Water pumps provide abundance of water
      Organized efficient fire company
      Dr. F.S. White (1st Assistant Physician) resigned - replaced by Dr. B.F. Church (2nd
         Assistant Physician) - Dr. T.B. Bass appointed 2nd physician
      Druggist (L. Mackechney) resigned - replaced by J.M. Puckett

Annual Report 1893 (Ninth - Year ending 10/31/1893)
      John Preston, M.D.,  Supt.
      Completion of female infirmary - building detached from main building
      New boiler room completed - new barn and crib erected - fire department housing

Annual Report 1894 (Tenth - Year ending 10/31/1894)
      John Preston, M.D., Supt.
      Care of epileptics - colonies needed for them
      Need for male infirmary
      Request recreation hall

Annual Report 1895 (Eleventh - Year ending 10/31/1895)
      C. M. Rosser, M.D., Supt.
      Newspaper clipping only - from Dallas Morning News 12/26/1895
      Hospital proper of 4 stores and 2 wings extending from administration building - on
         plan known as Kirk-Bride pattern
      Mechanical restraints rarely employed
      Need for cottages for housing incurables

Annual Report 1896 (Twelfth - Year ending 10/31/1896)
      C. M. Rosser, M.D., Supt.
      Foresee needs for additional State facilities
      Need for separate buildings - cottage system for incurables and farm for epileptics
      Request infirmary for men
      Uniforms adopted - cadet gray for males - combination for female nurses
      Changes in personnel and Board

Annual Report 1897 (Thirteenth - Year ending 10/31/1897)
      D. L. Gaillard, M.D., Supt. -  has replaced Rosser
      The male infirmary nearing completion - ready for occupancy by 1/0l/1898
      Construction of annex to main building progressing - completed by early summer of

Annual Report 1898 (Fourteenth - Year ending 10/31/1898)
      D. L. Gaillard, M.D., Supt.
      Male annex completed & accepted by Board 5/25/1898 (C.A. Gill, architect & G.W.
         Gonaghey, contractor)
      Male infirmary completed and furnished
      With male annex completed, need foreseen for female annex in near future
      Need for 3rd assistant physician
      Board suggestions:  establishing cold storage and ice plant, building of railroad
         switch, substitution of the Webster system of steam heating; need for farm &
         workshops for epileptics

Annual Report 1899 (Fifteenth - Year ending 10/31/1899)
      J. T. Wilson, M.D., Supt.
      Dr. J.T. Wilson elected as Superintendent February 1899 replacing Dr. Gaillard
      Legislature appropriated for erection a female annex and new laundry - both in
         construction - laundry began construction 10/15 - location of female annex &
      Present state kitchen erected with original hospital not sufficient in size
      Present boiler and engine rooms - remove further from main buildings and
          enlarged and rebuilt

Annual Report 1900 (Sixteenth - Year ending 10/31/1900)
      J.T. Wilson, M.D., Supt. - John S. Turner, M.D., Supt.
      Dr. J.T. Wilson resigned July 7 - replaced by Dr. John S. Turner 7/7/00
          Dr. Wilson reports from 11/1/99 thru 6/30/00 - then Dr. Turner from 7/1/00 thru
      Wilson: Work on new kitchen and new power house progressing
                    Suggest erection of hospital for the treatment of acute insane
       Turner:  Female annex completed and accepted - location given
                     New laundry building with sewing rooms completed and accepted
                     New kitchen and bakery completed and accepted
                     New power house under construction
                     Female infirmary inadequate
                     Relocate horse barn - erect new cow barn - need equipped carpenter shop
                     Necessity for new boilers
                     Request few cottages/housing for consumptives
                     Dairy & horse barn inadequate - carpenter shop inadequate; larger building
                        to house it, paint shop, morgue, store fire apparatus
                     Need for ice house - larger amusement hall
                     Need for night nurses in lieu of night watches

Annual Report 1901 - (Seventeenth - Year 11/01/1900 - 08/31/01)
      John S. Turner, M.D., Supt.
      Report for past 10 months due to end of fiscal year being changed by statute.
      Boilers & machinery placed in new power house; new boilers installed
      Old boiler room converted into cold storage and ice-making plant
      Texas Midland RR places a switch opposite the power house to receive freight -
         sidetrack named "Eula" and billed as such.
      Advocate 2 cottages for isolation of consumptives
      Fifteen night nurses added
      First Chaplain appointed (Rev. George S. Sexton)
      Staff changes
      Addendum:  Since report, 2nd Special Session of Legislature approved/funding
          requests,  among them being sanitary sewer; carpenter shop & tools; removal/
          remodel horse barn; room for morgue/deadhouse; additional assistant physician

Annual Report 1902 - (Eighteenth - Year ending 8/31/1902)
      John S. Turner, M.D., Supt.
      Notes: Contract awarded for female annex 9/11/1899 - building accepted 6/13/1900
                  & ready for occupancy 7/18/1900.
                  Laundry building with sewing room, completed 7/18/1900
                  Kitchen, bake shop and employees quarters completed 9/21/1900
                  Power house completed 1/19/1901
                  Brick tunnel completed and occupied 1/19/1901, connect power house &
                      various shops with main building, carrying water, steam and air lines,
                      electric wiring
      Tram food track extended (operational 1 mile) and completed
      Fountain on front lawn restored
      Fire escapes (5) installed
      Needs are for female infirmary, 2 cottages for consumptives, enlarged chapel &
          amusement hall
      Need for institution for children
      Establish training school for nurses
      Beneficial on male annex and dining room:  female nurse and female attendant
      Fourth Assistant Physician added (Dr. Scott Appleby)
      Free mail delivery established for hospital by Terrell postoffice on 4/01/1902
      Jewish cemetery plat set aside
      Changes in personnel

Annual Report 1903 - (Nineteenth - Year ending 8/31/1903)

Annual Report 1904 - (Twentieth - Year ending 8/31/1904)
      John S. Turner, M.D., Supt.
      New female infirmary erected - cornerstone erected 11/10/1903 - occupied
         6/20/1904 - old infirmary torn down
      Sanitary sewerage system completed
      Operating room work in progress
      First class for training school for nurses on 9/1/1903 - details of term, courses, etc -
         first organized in any State facility - forerunner - first graduation reception
       Recommends change of name from "The North Texas Hospital for the Insane" to
          "The North Texas Hospital"
       Need for running railroad switch onto grounds
       Continuing use of female nurses on some male wards and dining room of annex
       Public trials for lunacy cases abolished by Legislature
       Fourth assistant physician (Dr. J.E. Wilson) resigned & replaced by Dr. A.L.

Annual Report 1905 - (21st - Year ending 8/31/1905)

Annual Report 1906 - (22nd - Year ending 8/31/1906)

Annual Report 1907 - (23rd - Year ending 8/31/1907)

Annual Report 1908 - (24th - Year ending 8/31/1908)

Annual Report 1909 & 1910 - (25th & 26th - Years from 9/01/1908 - 8/31/1910)
      Charles L. Gregory, M.D., Supt.
      On 10/17/1908, Female Annex No. 1 almost totally destroyed by fire and
      Recommend a 5-member Board with salary be appointed
      25th Report:  Fifth Assistant Physician (Dr. R.J. Rowe) resigned - replaced by
                           Dr. Paul Sheppard.
                           Dr. E.W. Alderson appointed Chaplain 201/1910 for 1 year
                           Request staff dentist
                           New chapel and amusement hall completed

Annual Report 1910 -  (Twenty-Sixth - Year 9/01/09 - 08/31/10)
      Charles L. Gregory, M.D., Supt.
      Expressed need for Dentist and a home for feeble-minded children

Annual Report 1911 - (Twenty-Seventh - Year 9/01/1910 - 8/31/1911)
      Dr. Charles L. Gregory, Supt., from 9/01/1910 to 2/03/1911
      New Board appointed by Governor - met on 2/03/1911 - appointed Dr. George
         F. Powell as Supt.
      Water well (longtime supplier) inadequate - deep well under construction
      Alternate Chaplain from local churches for one year each

Annual Report 1912 - (Twenty-Eighth - Year 9/01/1911 - 8/31/1912)
      George F. Powell, M.D., Supt.
      Favor proposition to place institutions under State board of control
      Favor change in law governing commitment of the insane
      Recommend raise in pay for employees & officers

Annual Report 1913 & 1914 - (29th & 30th - Years 9/01/1912 - 08/31/14)
      George F. Powell, M.D.,  Supt.
      29th:  House for night watches and night firemen needed
      30th:  (Nothing significant noted)

Annual Report 1915 & 1916 - (31st & 32nd - Years 9/01/1914 - 9/01/1916)
      George F. Powell, M.D., Supt.
      31st:  Erected a building for warehouse
      32nd:  (Nothing significant noted)

Annual Report 1917 & 1918 - (33rd & 34th - Years 9/01/1916 - 9/01/1918)
      George F. Powell, M.D., Supt.
      33rd:  (Nothing significant noted)
      34th:  Recommend an architect be employed to inspect buildings
               Shortage of help - causes being war drafting & low pay not competitive
               Need for new laundry building, homes for nurses erected, TB cottages, land
                  purchased to the east suitable for garden, orchards & farm colony
               Superintendent's residence


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