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Husband John A. BURTON 
Born  1819  Location  Alabama 
Married  c1839  Location  AL 
Died  December 1878  Location  Kaufman Co., TX 
Cemetery    Location   
Father  David BURTON 
Mother  Esther THOMSON 
Other Spouses   

Wife Lydda Paulett ?FORTENBERRY? 
Born  1824  Location  Tennessee 
Died  Aft. 1880  Location   
Cemetery    Location   
Other Spouses   


1 Name  Sarah Ann BURTON 
Born  November 26, 1839  Location  Alabama 
Died  August 20, 1909  Location  Crawford, McLennan, Texas 
Cemetery  Crawford Cemetery  Location  McLennan Co., Texas 
Spouse 1  Thomas McCracken NOLAND, Sr. 
Married  March 25, 1858  Location  Franklin Co., Alabama 
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

2 Name  Mary E. BURTON 
Born  1842  Location  Alabama 
Died  1869  Location  Alabama 
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1  James Franklin STANFORD 
Married  c1866  Location  Alabama 
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

3 Name  David Elijah BURTON 
Born  November 16, 1843  Location  Alabama 
Died  November 22, 1913  Location  Kaufman Co., Texas 
Cemetery  Mt. Olive  Location  Scurry/Rosser, Texas 
Spouse 1  Elizabeth LEATHERWOOD 
Married  1867  Location  Alabama 
Spouse 2  Julia Frances SMITH 
Married  July 21, 1889  Location  Kaufman Co., Texas 

4 Name  James R. BURTON 
Born  c1846  Location  Alabama 
Died    Location   
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1  Nancy E. UNKNOWN 
Married  c1864  Location   
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

5 Name  Harriet C. BURTON 
Born  1846  Location  Alabama 
Died    Location   
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1   
Married    Location   
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

6 Name  Manerva BURTON 
Born  1850  Location  Alabama 
Died    Location   
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1   
Married    Location   
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

7 Name  Charles Monroe BURTON 
Born  1851  Location  Alabama 
Died    Location   
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1  Sarah Jane BOWLES 
Married  May 21, 1876  Location  Kaufman Co., Texas 
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

8 Name  William Lawson BURTON 
Born  December 15, 1853  Location  Alabama 
Died  November 18, 1935  Location  Wynnewood, Oklahoma 
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1  Margaret SHANKLE 
Married  October 03, 1876  Location  Kaufman Co., Texas 
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

9 Name  Ephraim A. BURTON 
Born  1857  Location  Alabama 
Died    Location   
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1   
Married    Location   
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   

10 Name  Isabell BURTON 
Born  1859  Location  Alabama 
Died  Bef. 1870  Location   
Cemetery    Location   
Spouse 1   
Married    Location   
Spouse 2   
Married    Location   


There was at least one more child - Melissa BURTON b.
1863, but nothing else is known about her.


Spartanburg Co./Dist., SC Deed book page 373 (p.303-304 Sept. 15, 1807),
Jean and Sarah Thompson (Spartanburgh) to David Burton (same); for $456
sold 152 ac on N side of N Tygar R; part of grant Jan. 7, 1799 to Andrew
Thomson.  Witness Lewis Furgason and Lawson Thompson.  Signed Jean and
Sarah Thomson.  Wit. oath Sept. 26, 1807 Lewis Furgason to John Brewton.
Rec. Aug. 1, 1808.
When David Burton's mother-in-law, Jane Thomson, died in 1819, his
wife Esther was named as a daughter to Jane Thomson, and Esther was to
get $100 a year after her mother's decease, and Esther's sister
Mary Wright was to get $100 two years after Jane Thomson's decease.
Sister Sarah Trail was to receive $100 three years after her decease,
should these daughters still be living.
By the 1820s, this family had moved to Greene Co., AL, where William S.
Jones & wife Elizabeth W. sold land to David & Ephraim T. Burton
04 Dec 1828 (AL Records by Gandrud Vol. 34 p. 56 from Book C p. 459
Deeds).  Land Accession #AL0050.171 Certificate #2279, from the US
Government shows that David Burton purchased land in Greene Co., AL from
the Act of Congress 24 Apr 1820 "An act making further provision for
the sale of the public Lands", paid in full 01 Dec 1830 which
included 80+ acres in the east half of the northeast quarter of Section
Eleven, in Township 20 of Range One East.
On the 1850 Pickens Co., AL census, Southern Dist., house 1417-1459 as 76
years old, value $3400, a widower.
2.  1850 Pickens Co., AL census, Southern Dist., page 107 taken Nov. 22,
1850:  John and his family live next to his father, David BURTON and two
brothers.  He was 32 yrs old, a farmer, real estate valued at $1,700.  He
owned one male slave, age 26.  Lydia is 25 years old, born TN.
3.  1860 Franklin Co., AL census, taken July 3, 1860, Navarro Twp.,
Western Division, John A. Burton, house 530-531, page 741: John A. 41
farmer $2000 $2000 b. AL, Pauletta 35 AL, David E. 17, James 14, Harriett
12, Manerva 10, Lawson 6, Ephraim 4, Isabella 1 (all children born in
4.  1870 Kaufman, Kaufman Co., TX census, page 90, family 888/906 - John
A. Burton 53 b. SC, farmer, $1000-$500, Lydda 46 TN, children and
grandchildren all b. Alabama: Charles M. 19, William L. 16, Ephraim A.
13, Melissa 7, Mary STANFORD 3, Nancy Stanford 1, and Harriet C. 22.
Next door was James Burton 23 AL and his wife Nancy E. 26 MS.
5.  John A. Burton wrote his will in Kaufman Co., TX date Jan. 12, 1878,
quoted herein: In the name of God amen I, John A. Burton being of sound
mind and disposing memory and knowing the uncertainty of life and the
certainty of death do make and publish this my last will and testament
revoking all others heretofore made by me.  1st I will my body to her
Mother Earth and my spirit to God who gave it.  2nd I will after my
funeral expenses that all my just debts be paid.  3rd I will that my wife
Lydid P. Burton have all my property both real and personal of every
description.  3rd I will that she have the power to sell and make title
to the land on which we now reside or to make any disposition of it as
she may see proper and I further will that she have power to sell all my
personal property in any manner whatsoever.  4th I further will that my
wife be the Executrix of this my last will and that she shall not be
required to give Bond that she shall not be responsible to no one for her
acts as such Executrix only that she have this will probated and duly
recorded and return an inventory into the court of all my effects.  This
January the 12th AD 1878, signed John A. Burton, witnesses: J. W.
Montgomery & J. M. Rayburn.
In March 22, 1879, the 2 above witnesses appeared in court swearing they
did witness the signing of the will and that John A. Burton was deceased.
Lydia P. Burton signed as Executrix of probate of John A. Burton
deceased.  She says he died in December of 1878, but the exact date is
not given.  He left property valued at over $1000.00  Her listed attorney
was J. S. Woods.  Also found in the probate records was the inventory of
John A. Burton's property: 232 acres of land in Kaufman County 14
miles SW of Kaufman on the George Sawyer head right valued at $1000.00;
19 head of cattle valued at $100.00; 2 head of horses valued at $50.00;
40 head of hogs valued at $20.00; 1 wagon valued at $25.00; 1 pair
harness at $5.00; sworn to by J. W. Montgomery, J. M. Rayburn and James
Trusdale March 22, 1879.


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