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If you have access to a source with information on Kaufman County and would like to volunteer to do look-ups,

please contact the Coordinator.

Kaufman County, project of TXGenWeb does not do lookups.

You can contact the Rootseekers Genealogical Society at Tri-County Library in Mabank, Texas


Genealogy research requests for a small donation can be sent to:

Kaufman Co. Library, Genealogy Dept., 3790 S. Houston St., Kaufman, TX 75142


Other places to look for Look-ups

For obituary look-ups, please see the
Look-ups offered by the Kaufman County Library and
Obituary Look-ups Site — Don't forget to also volunteer for the area you live in!

Instructions for Requesting a Look-up

In order to be sure your request gets answered, please follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the look-up volunteer's name to request a look-up in the source they have volunteered for.  Please do NOT ask the look-up volunteer to do a look-up in a source they have not volunteered for.  This includes do not ask the volunteer to go to the library to do your research for you and do not send your look-up request to the coordinator (she does not have copies of the records and cannot answer the requests).
  2. Put "Kaufman Co. Look-up" in the subject line of the message.
  3. On the first line of the message, put the title of the source you are requesting the look-up in.  Ask only for a look-up in one (1) specific source (EACH marriage book and EACH cemetery are a separate source; asking for a look-up in "all of the cemeteries" or "all of the marriage records" is NOT acceptable).  Remember you must specify which particular source you would like the look-up in.
  4. Ask only for a look-up for 1 or 2 people (not for all of the people with a specific surname).
  5. Do NOT ask the look-up volunteer to send photocopies of pages from the book nor for a large amount of information from the book.
  6. Please do not ask more than one volunteer to do the same look-up for you at the same time.
  7. Do not submit more than one request at a time (wait for the response from one request before submitting another).  Wait for several days before resubmitting the same request; the volunteer may be unable to answer your request immediately.  Do not assume your request was lost until you have waited 2 weeks for a reply.
  8. Please remember that the volunteers have graciously offered to do these look-ups.  They are not paid or otherwise obligated to volunteer to do look-ups so please do not take them for granted and remember to let them know you appreciate their help.


Click here for examples of unacceptable and acceptable look-up requests


Click on the look-up volunteer's name to request a look-up.


Look-up Volunteer

1880 Census

Justin Sanders

or use the LDS website at familysearch.org and view the images of the 1880 Kaufman County Census on this website

1890 Census

Do your own look-up of the one extant (ie. existant) page
1900 Do your own look-up (partial transcriptions only)
1910 Do your own look-up (partial transcriptions only)
1920 Do your own look-up (partial transcriptions only)
1930 Tips on How to find your family in the 1930 Census
Tip:  HeritageQuest, available at many libraries, has images of all census pages and has an index for many of the censuses; Ancestry.com, also available at many libraries, has images and indices of all the censuses.



If you would like to ask for a look-up in the cemeteries listed in the table, below, please be considerate when asking the volunteer.  Remember you must specify which cemetery you would like the look-up in and only ask the volunteer to look up information in the cemetery they have volunteered for.  There is no county-wide index so a request for a look-up of a person in all of the cemeteries in Kaufman County canNOT be answered.

Cemetery Look-up Volunteer
Pleasant Grove

Jo Anne Pruitt

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(For look-ups in other cemeteries, please see Look-ups offered by the Kaufman County Library.)

Slave Deeds
"No Land . . . Only Slaves! Vol. 4: Harrison, Hunt & Kaufman Co., TX"

Our books are especially helpful for black history research.  These volumes of abstracted deed records include two complete indexes, one of every slave named and another for all other persons mentioned in the transaction, such as buyer, seller, witnesses, judges, notaries, etc.  If you would like to know more about them you can check our website at http://slaves.8m.com (please note the "dot" between slaves & 8m)

Vivian Lehman & Edith Smith
The Men and Women in World War II from Kaufman County

Doris Pyle Haynes

(Note from Patsy Vinson:  Four-Mile Cemetery & Church is in Van Zandt Co. about two miles east of Prairieville, Kaufman County, TX.)

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TXGenWeb Project's Official Policy on Look-ups

TXGenWeb will not tolerate any copyright violations.  The County Coordinator does not do look up, but can refer you to others that do lookups. Look-up requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple.  Information given will be minimal, for example if it is a cemetery look-up, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone.  Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed; the volunteers have been asked not to comply with such requests.

Our look-ups will extend to searching the book to determine if the book would be helpful to you in your research.  Should the book prove useful, we can provide the authors address and ordering information.

Please report any links or e-mail addresses found on this page that are no longer working to the Coordinator.


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