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Information supplied by the Comfort newspaper April 30, 1909.


On Monday last a party composed of Wm. Bohnert, Theodore and Emil Mertz went to the farm of Emil Grollimund on Cyprss Creek, occupied at present by George Schladorer, for the purpose of exhuming the remains of JOSEPH GROLLIMUND, SR., who on July 16, 1867, was killed by Indians, and buried in a field near his home. On Monday when the grave was opened, the cypress coffin in which the remains had been interred was found to have almost disappeared, but the bones were preserved practically intact. 
These were carefully assembled, and were taken to the Comfort Cemetery where they were re-interred.
  The deceased was shot to death by Indians while he was out looking for his oxen, and his dead body was found with 2 arrows through it lying near where Mr. Hugo Wiedenfeld now lives. The searching party which found the remains was guided to the spot by Mr. Grollimund's Dog which had been with him at the time of the attact. The body was prepared for burial and was interred by Mr. Fritz Schellhase Sr. and his father Gottfried Schellhase.
   Joseph Grollimund came from Germany and got to Comfort in 1854, and was one of the first settlers, in Comfort, and later married Gottfried Schellhase's second doughter. As it was said,  He was a large man and never carried a gun,  As it was said,  he could whip any man. 

This article was submitted by Claudia Peschelon December 28, 2001.

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