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After a 73-day voyage on the Mississippi" from Bremen Germany, the Phillip Jacob Theis family arrived in Indianola, Texas, on November 20, 1855. Their oldest son, Jacob had come to Texas in 1854. He was 19 years old, due to be drafted into the German army. Rather than serve a country where the family no longer wanted to live, he swam the Rhein River in the dark of night and made his way across France and eventually to America.
After arriving in Indianola, the Theis family Phillip, Margaretha and five children acquired a two-wheeled cart and oxen and started their slow, difficult trip to New Braunfels. A year of heavy rains made progress slow and they were often able to start the night's fires for coals.
In 1859, after moving to Boerne, Phillip purchased a tract of land 75 by 400 ft. for $79.00. In 1860, he built their home on Main Street (which is now the Theis Museum) with his blacksmith shop in front.
Meanwhile son, Jacob, established his own family, marrying Wilhelmina Gass. They had twelve children. After first building in Boerne, in 1873, Jacob built their permanent home on property about 2 miles northwest of Boerne still known as the Theis Ranch. This was part of the 4400 acres of land he eventually acquired which included a section of land deeded him in 1879 by the State of Texas for service as a Texas Ranger
Jacob Theis was at one time a director for the Groos National Bank of San Antonio.

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