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Kendall County Texas Family Charts

The information for these charts was abstracted from the numerous family and community histories, some obituaries and pedigree charts, all available in the History/Genealogy Room of the Boerne Public Library. The information was entered into a genealogy organizer called PAF. From this program Descendancy Charts were made. Individual researchers have also sent their family charts or additions/corrections to the original. Some have sent a link to their home pages. We invite you to send your information to us. Please do not include the living. You may send a GEDCOM or a Descendancy Chart or organize the information your way. Send to: Catharine Stone

William Christian Adam Regina Adam
Henry Agold Library Files
Ernest Herman Altgelt John Campbell
Christian Ammann Marilyn S. Vogt
Carl Auberle Library Files
Phillip Bauer Kathryn Adam Hurst
Ottmar Behr Roma Herbst
Carl Beseler Ray Harz Peter
Wilhelm Biermann Library Files
Conrad Bierschwale Janna Campbell
Anton Bohnert Claudia Peschel Web Page
Phillip Daniel Bonnet Roselynn R. Bonnett-Halpin
&Fred Wise
Otto Brinkmann Mary B. Esser (deceased)
Johann Georg Busch Regina Adam
Henry Cravey, Sr. Paulina Majirus (deceased)
Isaac Davis Frankie Davis Glenn (deceased)
Andrew Pickens Davis Richard Zenner
Frederick Dietert Margaret K. Morries
William Brown Edge Chris Taylor
Johannes Conrad Erben Lester Collins
Charles Esser Lillie Esser (deceased);
Mary B. Esser(deceased)
Franz Joseph Fabra Ella S. Fabra (deceased)
Christoph Flach Minnie Toni Bergmann (deceased)
Joseph Grollimund Claudia Peschel Web Page
Johann Haag Vera Haag (deceased)
Johann Gottfried Haufler Regina Adam
John Hicks Henderson Anne MacKenzie
Frederick Henry Herbst RoseMarie Schneider
Georg Hoerner (Rusch Family) Theda Sueltenfuss
Johann Freidrich Hofheinz Regina Adam
Friedrich Holekamp Selma Harz Holekamp (deceased)
Thomas Ingenhuett Jonny Roggenbuck Web Page
John James Emilie Zinsmeister
Friedrich Kneupper Dorothy Kneupper & Roy Lee Kneupper
Friedrich Kott Cathy Dzurec
Johann George Krause Vernon L. Helmke
Carl Kutzer Margaret Kutzer Morries
Peter Lex Donna Durham
Michael Lindner Minnie Weidner Rosenberg
Sophus Lohmann Regina Adam -
Jakob Luckenbach Library Files
Christiani Luckenbach Library Files
Joseph McDonald George B. Menges
Johann Edmann Gottlieb Marquardt Delray E. Fischer
Johann Heinrich Andre Meier Alma Heiligmann
Ludwig W. Menn Mary Alice & Fred G. Flach
Frederich Wilhelm Meyer Comfort.paf compiled by Don Breithapt
Samuel Boyd Patton Claudia Peschel Web Page
Johann Gottlob Pfeiffer Willie Mae Schuchardt
Joseph Vincent Phillip Harry Phillip
Johann Pieper Emilie Zinsmeister
Johann Heinrich Poehnert Emilie Zinsmeister
Ludwig Ranzau Bruno Ranzau
Johann Nicklaus Remling George B. Menges
Heinrich Richter Regina Adam
Oskar Roggenbucke Jonny Roggenbuck Web Page
Johann Heinrich Rust Compiled from various sources submitted by Prof. Glen E. Lich, Eugenia Rust Grimm, & other family members
Gottfried Schellhase Claudia Peschel Web Page
Joseph Schertz Martha Lattimore
Schladoer Family Donna Schulte Loth Web Page
Simon Schneider Rosemarie Schneider
Ludwig Schuetz Kathryn Adam Hurst
Michael Schwarz Catharine S Schwarz
Carl Schwope Janelle Holmes
William Lincoln Sill Alan Carpenter
Joseph Simon Library Files
Smith Family Claudia Peschel Web Page
Spencer Family Library Files
Gotlieb Stephan Janelle Holmes
Johann Heinrich Steves Robert A.Heil
Caspar Sueltenfuss Marilyn S. Vogt
Lucien Toepperwein Kenneth E. Davis, Jr.
Phillip Jacob Theis Robert A. Theis &Laura Belle Theis
Mathis Christian Treiber Rodney van Oudekerke
Frederick Wilhelm Uecker Regina Adam
Heinrich Voelcker Regina Adam
Josef Vogt Marilyn S. Vogt
John Carl Weiss Patsy Kuentz
William Carl Wiedenfeld Margaret K. Morris
Carl August Wendler Regina Adam
George Werner Martha W. Schuchardt
Robert Walton Whitworth Molly Kathryn Whitworth, (deceased)
Andy Crews
Ludwig Willke Regina Adam
Andreas Wollschlaeger Olga W. Leesch (deceased)
Zoeller Family Leona Adam, Maggie Zoeller, Hilda Zoeller, Richard Saur, Molly Zoeller, Cristel Langferd

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