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Kendall County Texas Family Charts


Descendants of Sophus Lohmann


DESCENDANCY CHART FOR SOPHUS L. LOHMANN - KENDTX.PAF 28 Feb 1998 1-- Sophus L. LOHMANN-(1852-1918) Schleswig,,,Germany sp-Emma Christianna HAUFLER-(1858-1937) ,Blanco,TX 2-- Ferdinand Henry LOHMANN-(1881-1966) Boerne,Kendall,Texas sp-Marie Paulina SCHRADER-(1885-1966) Boerne,Kendall,Texas 3-- Lester Dean LOHMANN-(1908-1977) sp-Elwira Paula BREHMER-(1906- ) 2-- Charlotte Meta LOHMANN- (1878-1958) Boerne,Kendall,Texas sp-Hugo ADAM-(1872-1947) Boerne,Kendall,Texas 3-- Sophus Charles ADAM-(1898-1993) Boerne,Kendall,Texas sp-Gladys Ethalyn HYDEN-(1902-1993) Ashland,Kentucky 3-- Hugo Guenther ADAM-(1901-1955) Boerne,Kendall,Texas sp-Etelka Hulda HOFHEINZ-(1907-1990) Boerne,Kendall,Texas


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