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Kendall County Texas Family Charts


Descendants of Helwig Zoeller

1. Helwig Zoeller sp: UNKNOWN 2. George Zoeller (b.30 Jul 1814;d.1846) sp: Adelheid Ida Mathilde Ollweiller (b.21 Jul 1815;m.15 Oct 1839;d.26 Oct 1842-Germany) 3. Hellwig Karl Ludwig ADOLPH Zoeller (b.1 Dec 1839-Hesse,Darmstadt,Germany;d.18 Sep 1909) sp: Augusta Elizabeth Wendler (b.23 May 1842- Bielefeld,Westphalen,Germany;m.30 Jun 1860;d.4 Feb 1906) 4. George Zoeller (b.13 Mar 1861) sp: Elenora Wessley (m.1883) 4. Bertha Zoeller (b.11 Nov 1866;d.18 Oct 1908) sp: Otto Wille (m.Dec 1887) 4. Max Zoeller (b.27 Dec 1870;d.19 Nov 1927) sp: Ida Gass (b.10 Jan 1875;m.12 May 1894;d.16 Apr 1965) 4. Lizzie Zoeller (b.10 Mar 1872) 4. Louis Zoeller (b.28 Jun 1874) sp: Ida Kutzer (m.1897) 4. Charles Zoeller (b.16 Aug 1876;d.22 Nov 1947) sp: Agnes Langbein 4. Katie Zoeller (b.4 Aug 1878;d.30 Jun 1907) sp: William Ammann 4. Otillie Zoeller (b.7 Apr 1882;d.26 Sep 1944) sp: William ZOELLER (m.28 Nov 1912) 3. Bertha Margarethe Elizabeth Zoeller (b.31 May 1841-Germany;d.2 Oct 1841-Germany) 2. Magdalene Sophie Johanna Christina Zoeller (No children. Cared for Adolph who was orphaned at the age of seven) sp: Johann Heinrich Keller 2. Phillip Zoeller (b.1818) sp: Margaretha Schneider (b.4 Jul 1818- Germany;m.1853;d.15 Dec 1906-Texas) 3. Helwig Zoeller (b.Oct 1855-Kendall,TX) sp: Anna Wessely (b.17 Jan 1859) 4. Edna Zoeller (b.28 May 1890;d.13 Jun 1949) sp: Alex Schuetz (b.25 Sep 1890- Kendalia,Kendall,Tx;m.31 Jul 1912) 4. Joseph Zoeller (b.30 Apr 1893;d.30 Dec 1957) sp: Margaret Mayfield (b.3 Oct 1900) 3. Ferdinand Zoeller sp: Emilie Vogt (b.1864;m.1884;d.1889) 3. Henry Zoeller (b.22 Dec 1862-Boerne,Kendall,TX) sp: Anna Kutzer (b.15 Mar 1868;m.20 Dec 1887;d.19 Jan 1930) 4. Helen Zoeller sp: Arthur Phillip 4. Reinhold Zoeller (b.14 Feb 1896- BOERNE,Kendall,Texas;d.12 Oct 1975) sp: Irma Sueltenfuss (b.1897;d.1942) 4. Paul Zoeller sp: Meta Herbst 4. Pauline Zoeller (b.28 Oct 1907- ,Kendall,Tx;d.18 Dec 2000-Boerne,Kendall,Tx) sp: Alfred Herbst 4. William Carl ZOELLER (b.12 May 1893;d.21 Aug 1922) sp: Edna Phillip (b.25 Aug 1894- Kreutzberg,Kendall,Texas;d.13 May 1964) 3. Fritz Zoeller 3. Margaretha ZOELLER sp: Wessely 3. Ernest ZOELLER 3. William ZOELLER sp: Otillie Zoeller (b.7 Apr 1882;m.28 Nov 1912;d.26 Sep 1944) 4. Catherine ZOELLER sp: McGinnis 4. Ferdinand ZOELLER sp: Pauline 3. Friedrich ZOELLER (b.1865;d.1943) sp: Emma Stephan (b.1865-BOERNE,Texas;m.18 May 1889;d.1951-BOERNE,Texas) 4. Hugo ZOELLER (b.19 Sep 1896-BOERNE;d.9 Nov 1968) sp: Hilda Scheele (b.21 Mar 1902;m.1920) 4. Louise ZOELLER sp: Arnold Reinhard (m.17 Mar 1914) 3. Helene Zoeller (b.22 Dec 1869-Spring Creek,Kendall,TX;d.10 Nov 1950-Boerne,Kendall,TX) sp: Wilhelm Adam (b.9 Sep 1857- Boerne,Kendall,TX;m.26 Dec 1887;d.6 Dec 1916- Boerne,Kendall,TX) 4. Margaretha Adam (b.27 Mar 1889- Boerne,Kendall,Texas;d.13 Nov 1946-San Antonio,Bexar,Texas) sp: Oscar O. Behr (b.11 Dec 1883- Sisterdale,K,Texas;m.20 Oct 1908;d.13 Jun 1980-Boerne,Kendall,TX) 4.Bertha Louise Adam (b.26 Dec 1890/1892- Boerne,Kendall,Texas;d.11 Jan 1983- Boerne,Kendall,Texas) 4. Wilhemina Helene Adam (b.7 Nov 1892- Boerne,Kendall,Texas;d.27 Jun 1974- Fredericksburg,Gillespie,Texas) Contributors: Leona Adam, Maggie Zoeller, Hilda Zoeller, Richard Saur, Molly Zoeller, Cristel Langferd.


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