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210 N. Main, Boerne
Library File #23
On National Register of Historic Places
OWNERS: Joseph Dienger, Bill & Paige Ramsey-Palmer, J. W. Smith, City of Boerne ADDITION: Original Townlots LOT:#69, #74 DATE:c1884 Style/Period:Limestone frontier commercial.
BUILDER:Dienger CONSTRUCTED OF: Limestone rock, metal roof; long 2 x 2 windows. DESCRIPTION:Two story, limestone rock commercial building; galleries that run the entire length of the east and south side of the building; upstairs gallery has a wooden railing running the complete length of the gallery. At the top of each supporting pillar there is embellishment of Victorian decoration or "gingerbread" as it is commonly called. This same decoration is carried out in the same way to the ground floor porch.

HISTORY: The plot of land north of the town plaza was purchased by Joe Dienger, oldest son of Karl Dienger, in 1882 for the purpose of building a general store to meet the needs of a growing community. He began by building the first floor, finishing it and stocking it completely before adding the second story. The second story, which was reached by an enclosed stairway on the west side of the building, was home for the Dienger family. Since it was much too spacious, Mr. Dienger turned half of the area into a meeting room. Most of the lodges and clubs held their meetings here and many times their annual feasts or celebrations or anniversary parties.

The one story portion on the north side of the building was added later. That part was used to house a dry goods store that was operated by his sisters, Lina and Louise Dienger. These good ladies never married. They gave their entire life to the operation of the store and to taking care of their widowed mother who lived to be 93 years old. They resided at what is now the corner of Hosack and S. Main. See file: Dienger-Eckert House, 108 Hosack Street

In 1967 a group of Boerne business men purchased the building visualizing it as a restaurant/supper club. The Antler's Restaurant was born. They rented the north part of the building to a grocery store owned and operated by the Rodriguez family (the local family managers were Anna and Michael Schoch)

In 1982 the building was again sold, this time to Bill and Paige Ramsey-Palmer. They again renovated the building to suit their needs.

In 1991 the building became the home of the Boerne Public Library after extensive internal alterations. Alterations were done very carefully to maintain the outside the integrity of the building.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.