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LINDENDALE, TEXAS. Valentine Gates, the son of one of the members of the Stephen F. Austin Colony, made his last move about 1864 when he settled the land around the springs which make the headwaters of the Blanco River. Gates arrived and in 1865, established an apple orchard. His lifelong interest was fruit trees. He propagated hundreds of apple, peach and pear trees and continued to produce fruit until his death in 1912. It was here in 1872 that the Lindendale community was formed. It took its name from the linden trees that grew along the Blanco River.

Five acres with a log cabin was donated by J. C. Hoge for the
Mount Glen school,
later renamed Lindendale. The school had one teacher and twenty-seven students in 1905. This community lies in that part of the county nearest to Blanco County. When the small schools were consolidated in 1951, the children went to school in Blanco, Texas.

Source: Kendall County Historical Commission, A History of Kendall County Texas: Rivers, Ranches, Railroads, Recreation, Dallas, Tx., Taylor Publishing Co., 1984.

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