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Manning Street
and Ave E, Waring, Tx
Library File #300.084

OWNERS: Community

LOCATION: Waring Community

DATE:c1891 Style/Period: Pioneer school.

BUILDER:Early Residents

CONSTRUCTED OF: Frame; tin roof; 4 x 4 windows

DESCRIPTION:One story "L" shaped frame. East addition made in 1903 and braces applied in 1930's. Creek to the back with great outdoor spots for "recess" in old days.

HISTORY: In October of 1889 R.P.M. Waring donated Lot #1, Block #15 for a school site. This location was on the bluff of the Guadalupe River at the corner of Manning Street and Ave. E. The people of Waringford [name changed later] and the surrounding area built a one room school by donating labor, material and money. It was the typical high ceilinged room, with beaded ceiling so popular at the time, and a big wood heater in the middle of the room. Later another room was added, and since it was larger, it was called the Big Room, while the original was the Little Room.

The original building was completed in 1891 and the first teacher was Miss Agnes Robinson, who later became Mrs. R.P.M. Waring. Pupils for the first school were students that had attended a small private school at the Joshua Creek, a small one room school on the Mathis Treiber property and a small school North of Waring.

Records show that in 1923 the trustees bought Lots 3 and 6 in Block 14 from Edgar Offer for $150.00 to enlarge the play area. Then in 1935 they bought Lots 2 and 3 in Block 22 from the Lizzie Zoeller estate through Dr. Louis Zoeller, for $15.00.

Some years there was a shortage of money to pay the teachers, so a tuition fee was paid for each pupil. some years it was one dollar a month, or some $1.50, and that was hard on large families at times. Teachers' pay varied, too, from maybe $50.00 to $100.00 a month or more. Some years there were two teachers, depending on the number of pupils.<BR.
New settlers were coming to Waring, and that brought more children. The railroad had its section hands headquartered in Waring so there were always some Mexican children in school. At times there were as many as 60 or 70 pupils attending school.<BR.
Some of the early families were: Zoeller, Treiber, Waring, Nowlin, Manning, Stribling, Haufler, Geisler, Willie, Offer, Nichol, Bierschwale, Insall, Quigley, Safford, Cravey, Stanfield, Uecker, Fischer, Edwards, Rust, Meckel, Wray, Domeier, Marshall, McAlpine, McNutt, Dart, Brown, Jess, Hennings, Leidl, Voight, Wollschlaeger, Strube, Tomlinson, Grullimund, Blaschke, Poehnert and others.<BR.
Listed below are some of the teachers that taught in the Waring School through the years 1891 to 1955 when the school was consolidated with the Comfort Independent School District.

TEACHERS:Miss Agnes Robinson, later Mrs. R.P.M.
was the first teacher
and taught for several years.
      Mr. and Mrs. William Lee, 1903.  He passed away later that year and is buried in the
Bend Cemetery.
      L.A. Koenig and Mary Norris, 1903.
      M.C.F. Schmidt and Ethel Weld, 1907.
      Prof. Wertheim and daughter, Rosie, 1908, 1909.
      Emil Hopf and Miss Tiner, 1912.
      Henry Hopf and Frankie Flack, 1915.
      Rose Thompson and Frankie Flack, 1916.
      Miss dilly Rumsey and Ruth Newton, 1915.
      Augusta Gaines and Ella Zoeller, 1916.
      Marguerite McFarland and Ella Esser, 1917.
      Mr. and Mrs. Ashmore Cowles had a private school at this time, but he taught in the
Waring school at another time also.  They had 29 pupils in their private school in 1918.
      Danny Ramft (Vogt) and Mrs. Welch, 1921
      Miss Willhelm and Mrs. Jake Insall, 1922.
      J.H. Armstrong and Danny Ramft Vogt, 1923.
      J.H. Armstrong and Mrs. Baughman, 1924.
      J.H. Armstrong and Sophie Wenzel, 1925.
      Morris Goforth and Norma George, 1926.
      R.E. Cottingham and Helen Kutz, 1927.
      H.K. Clump and Mrs. Paul Wendler, 1928.
      Noel Browning and Eva Rechenthin, 1929.
      James Seay and Eva Rechenthin, 1930.
      Anita Elsik and Mrs. Paul Wendler, 1932.
      Mrs. Mina Adams and Mrs. Paul Wendler, 1933.
      Mrs. Mina Adams and Mrs. Truitt, 1934-1935.
      Harold Ranzau and Nanny Maud Sommerville, 1936.
      Mrs. Buena Lea Sutton, 1939-1944.
      Beulah White, 1946.
      Lucille Dills, 1947.
      Mrs. Walker, 1948.
      Odis Strube Hohmann, 1949-1954, the last teacher.
      The building is still used as a community center.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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