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Kendall County Will Abstracts, April 1862 - December 1900

Adam, Bertha Vol. 2, pg. 84; dated 22 June 1887, death occured the same year Surviving wife of Carl Adam; Sons: William and Hugo; Daughters: Mathilde (Mrs. Carl) Schwope, Louise (Mrs. Carl) Ransleben, Anna (Mrs. Hilmar F.) Ransleben, Frieda Adam. Wit: Carl L. Ransleben, Hilmar F. Ransleben.
Adam, Carl Vol. D, pg. 54; dated 3 Oct. 1879; Death occurred 24 October 1879. Wife: Bertha, formerly Wendler; son, William Adam; wit: August Theis, Henry Wendler; A/E. Bertha Adam; App: Julius Fabra, C. H. Clauss, Wm. D'Albini
Allen, John C. Vol. 3, pg. 404; died April 14, 1899 John C. Allen of Buffalo, New York died 14 April, 1899 .
A/E J. Steward Clarke; Names John Howell, Wm. Ziegler
Ashworth, Walter R.. Vol. 3, pg. 287;25 Nov. 1898 - 6 March 1899 Deceased had a wife living at Lebanon, Tennessee .
Temporary Administrator: H. J. Graham; Names: D. A. Foote, Max Beseler, St. Marys Sanitarium, Dr. A. H. Davidson.
Barr, Elizabeth Vol. 2, pg. 476; Vol. 3, pg 1;Will dated 16 August, 1884; Probate 7 August 1893. Husband: A. W. Barr; Daughter: Lizzie Barr Jones; wIT.: charles. H. Burch, A.O. Taylor. A. Bodemann attests to the handwriting of Chas. H. Burch who died about two years previous to this probate. Name: Mrs. L. Barr Burch.
Baumann, Mathias Vol. 3, pg. 618, Will dated 26 March 1895; Probate December 1900. Death occurred 15 September 1900. Wife: Frederica; Children: Henry Baumann, Gustav Baumann, Albert Baumann, Caroline Mocker (born Baumann), Phillipine Quin (born Baumann), Louisa Nelelhauf (born Baumann). Wit.: Henry Bickel, Ludwig Ort. App: Joe Dienger, Geo. Zoeller, Adolph Weyrich. Name: Mrs. F. Baumann.
Bettner, James S. Vol. 2, pg. 48; Dated 13 July, 1858, Codicil No. 1 dated 26 March, 1859, and Codocil No. 2 dated 4 May, 1860, all probated by surrogates Court, Westchester Co., New York Wife Annie C. Bettner of Yonkers, Westchester County, New York: Children: 3 dau.: Francis F. Ludlow, Mary P. Bettner, Adelaide Bettner and son James (not 21 at date of will>); Brothers: Charles A. Bettner, George Bettner; Sister: Mrs. Elizabeth Aykroyd (Tenn.)
Nieces: Maria C. Aykdroyd, Mrs. Eliza I. McKissack, Holly Springs Mississippi.
Burrow, Alwin, Sr. S. Vol. 2, page 302; Date of Death, 12 April 1891 Wife, Emilie Burrow; Wit: Joe Dienger, Henry Bickel
Cook, John Vol. D-1, pg 309, dated Jan 1875; Alfred Bee, stated John Cook died month of August, 1875 Property left to Melinda Jane Street, daughter of Richard Street), Cook aged about 30 at the time.
Names: Benjamin F. Dane, Adeline de v. Dane, w. V. Henderson, J. F. Stendebach, Wilhelm Magers, Wm. Kuhfuss, Chas. Vautier, Robert Meadows, Ezekiel Wren, M. Baumann, John LaFayette, C. Aman, Wm. Nickel, John Good, Aug. Theis, John Warren, Henry Wendler, Dr. Jacob S. West, Henry Theis, Henry Magers, Henderson & King, Cherry Overton, Amanda Street, Ambrosia Garza, James Blanks, Emily Bee, H.H. Crain, P.J. Theis, P.D. Saner, Jas. Blank.
Doebbler, Auguste Vol. 3, pg.415, dated 17 Oct 1891; Death occurred 13 July 1898; Daughters: Marie Cowan, Clara Hohenberger; A/E: Mary Cowan, whose husband is A. Cowan; App: Wm. Klinksiek, Henry Klinksiek, Sr., Fritz Kerchoff.Names: Theodore Hohenberger and his wife, Emma Hohenberger, Otto Cowan, Hy Klinksiek, Sr.
Doebbler, Ferdinand Vol. 2, pg. 257, dated 21 April 1879, Native of Germany; Death occurred 30 April, 1881; Wife: Auguste Doebbler; Wit:John Rausch, Charles Enderlin; App: Carl Klinksiek, Heinrich Klinksiek, Theodor Schild.
Dudley, C.J. Vol. 3, pg. 176; dated 23 Feb 1897;Death occurred 4 March 1897 Wife: H. J. Dudley; Wit: Auguste Phillip, John Reinhard; App: E. L. Nichols, Chas. Phillip, Adolph Phillip; Property in Karnes city, Texas, Lakeside, Travis co., Texas, Laredo, Texas, Mansfield, Arkansas, Sparta, Tennessee, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Hillsborough co., Florida, Dimmitt co., Tx. Bexar Co., Tx., Wilson co., Tx., Menphis, Tn, Pol, Co., Iowa.
Duveneck, Clara Vol. 3, pg. 628; dated 10 Feb 1896; Death occurred 10 September, 1897 A joint will of Gerhard Duveneck and his wife Clara Duveneck; Miss Clara Schaeffer, daughter of Franz Schaeffer and Mathilde Schaeffer mentions "her brother" - "the daughters of Dr. Carl Melchert, dec'd. in New Orleans, Clara and Ottilie Melchert."; Wit: Ph. zoeller, Mrs. Margaretha Zoeller; App: Joe Dienger, H. J. Graham, Geo. Zoeller.
Duveneck, Gerhard Vol. 3, pg. 635, dated 6 Oct 1897; Death occurred 27 October, 1900 A/E: Miss Clara Schaeffer, daughter of Franz Schaeffer and Mathilde Schaeffer; Wit: Florian Fuchs, Johanna Fuchs. Codicil dated 1 June, 1900 - no witnesses given: " Wilhelmina Helms, youngest daughter of my sister whose address is Bissenhausen [illegible] Heiligenloh, Provinz, Hanover, Germany; App: Joe Dienger, H.J. Graham, Geo. Zoeller.; Name: A.G. Vogt.
Elmer, Macomb K. Vol. 2, pg. 29, dated 29 Nov 1873. Death occurred in New Jersey in 1879. Wit: William F. Hirons, Joe. M. Shoemaker, N. J. Snyder; codicil #1: dated 15 June, 1878 in Bridgeton, New York; Wit: Frank M. Riley, James W. Trenchard, Albert S. Emmell; Probated in Surrogate Court, Cumberland County, New Jersey; Wife: Laura M. Elmer.
Ewald, August Vol. 3, pg. 616, dated 11 Feb 1899. Death occurred 12 September, 1900. Wife: Wilhelmina Ewald; Wit: Wm. Vanderstratten, John Reinhard; App: Joe Dienger, Geo. Zoeller, Adolph Weyrich; Name: August Ertel
Fischer, Andreas Vol. D-1, pg. 221, dated 13 Feb 1872; Death Occurred February, 1872 Wife: dorothea Elizabeth Fisher; Children: Wilhelm, Elizabeth, Caroline, Andreas, Dorothea, August, Emilie; Wit: Friedrich Perner, Richard Kott, Chas. Roemer; App: William Heuermann, Otto Brinkmann, M. Lindner; Names: August Faltin, Friedrich Zimmermann, G. Fellbum, J. Hadden, A. Charty, J. Geissler, Fr. Fisher, Charles Ochse, Carl Schmidt.
Flach, Edmund Vol. 2, pg. 373, dated 24 June 1892 when he was about 34 years of age; Death occurred 8 July 1892 Wife: Helene Flach; Children: Louis aged 10 years, Felix aged 9 years, Martha aged 6 years, Edmund aged 3 years, Carl aged 2 months. Wit: Paul G. Villaret, Ernst Flach; Names: Christ. Flach, Dan Holekamp, Bruno Roggenbucke, Theo. Wiedenfeld, Jacob Gass, Peter Ingenhuett, Paul Ingenhuett.
Forbes, John M. Vol. 3, pg. 316, dated 13 Aug 1859; 12 Codicils Wife: Sarah S. Forbes; Sisters: Mary A. Cunningham, Margaret P. Forbes; Brothers: R. B. Forbes; A/E: H. H. Warden, now in China, Joshua C. Stone (Boston), Edward J. Hale (Boston) his partner; Wit: Lidia R. Swain, Lidian Emerson, Emma F. Ware; Names: C.F. Forbes, Mary H. Watson, wife of Robert S. Watson, Rev. John Weiss, Rev. John H. Morrison, Thomas Walsh now in China, Chandler Robbins, Elizabeth R. Angier, Dudley and Jonathan Beal, Edward Cunningham, William W. Swain.
Froebel, H. Guenter Vol. D, pg 35, dated 27 Dec 1878 when he was about 50 years of age; Death occurred 25 August 1879. Children: Agnes Froebel, now named Theis, Rudolf Froebel, Hilmar Froebel; Wit: Henry Wendler, Eugene Laue, L. C. Grothaus; A/E: L.C. Grothaus, later August Theis; App: Chas. Dienger, Wm. Vogt, Henry Wendler; Names: R.R. Sappington, M. S. Sappington, F.E. Grothaus..
George, John W. Vol. 3, pg 448 from New York, New York, and dated 13 Jan. 1886 Wife: Anne Drew George; Sons: Joseph M. George, Jefferson George, Eugene C. George, Lee George ( the last twp are minors and Lee is called the youngest); Adopted dau. Ida Mae George; Property in Fayette County, Kentucky; A/E. Edward P. Chamberlin, New York City; Wit: George E. Pasco, George W. Palmer (both of New York City);
Codicil #1 Vol. 3, pg 457 dated 14 January, 1887: Names brother-in-law, David B. Kirk of Brooklyn as co-executor. "Florence Herrick, formerly the wife of my son Joseph M. George, during the life of her child Florence Amelia George."; Wit: T.L. Crittenden, Richard Gray, William Wheeler (all of New York City); an entry in Vol. 3, page 467 says David B. Kirk by 27 October, 1892, was living in Kansas City, Missouri.
Graham, Ellen Vol. 2, pg. 22, dated 4 April 1883 when she was about 53 years of age; Death occurred 13 May 1886. Sons: Henry J., Joseph T., James C.; Daughters: Ellen Belle, Adaline; Wit: Erastus Reed, J. C. Evans; App: August Schweppe, O.M. Brown, Joe Dienger; Names Carl Klemstein, John Reinhard, Adam Schwarz, Carl Wessely, Jr., Charles Langbein, Charles H. Herbst, August Minnich, C. Auberle, Carl Lahs.
Graham, Joseph Vol. D-1, pg. 82, dated 6 Sept 1866 Wife: Ellen Graham; "My children now four in number."; Wit: J. G. O'Grady, J. F. Stendebach; App: Erastus Reed, Joseph D. Johns, J. G. O'Grady; Name: John James of San Antonio; Graham held property in Blanco, Milam, Harris and Kendall Counties
Hein, John (Johann) Vol. 3, pg. 385, dated 3 Dec. 1898 when he was 74 years of age, translated from German; Death occurred 5 December, 1898. Wife: Florentine; Son: Wilhelm; Daughter: Louise Krause; Grand-children: Max and Bertha Hein; Wit: Henry Poehnert, J. H. Bishop, Chas. Sueltenfuhs; A/E: John H. Bishop; App: Ed Maertz, H. J. Graham, John Reinhard; Names: Mrs. S. Schertz, F. Boehm, E. H. Stribling, W. (?) Eichollz, William Hein, Alb. Kutzer, F. Krause, E. Merz.
Herbst, Friedrich August Heinrich Vol. 3, Pg. 421, dated 11 Mar. 1899 when he was 72 years of age and voided a previous will dated 20 October, 1877. He was a native of Hildesheim, Hanover, Germany. Death occurred 25 March, 1899. Wife: Laure Herbst; Sons: Max Herbst, Fritz Wilhelm Herbst; Daughters: Emilie Herbst, Laura Herbst.; Heirs listed as: Max Herbst, Emilie Herbst (Mrs. Joe Simon), Fritz Wilhelm Herbst, Albert Herbst, Carl Heinrich Herbst, Ernest Herbst, Elise Herbst (Mrs. Paul Sueltenfuss), Herman Herbst, Alvine Herbst, Laura Herbst; Wit: Robert Herbst, F.G.H. von Konarsky; App: august Knibbe, F.W. Gerfers, John Krause; Names: Joseph Simon, Jul. Walter, Peter Klaus, Joseph Sims, C. Sueltenfuss , Paul Sueltenfuss
Hilke, Charles Vol. D-1, pg. 62, Case dated 5 December 1865 - 28 December 1868 "beloved brother Heinrich Hilke, living in Germany in the Kingdom of Hannover, in the town of Bodenwerder."; Wit: V. Pfeufer, Frederick Werner; App: Henry Boerne, Charles Herbst, H. Lauer; Names: Ernest Schilling, Charles Schmitt, Martin Ingenhuett, J.P. Oberwetter, Hermann Ochse, Carl Schwope (Kerr County)
Hobron, Delwan (Delevan) P. Vol. 2, pg. 116 dated 17 June 1889; Death occurred 29 December, 1891 Wife: Georgiana Hobron (She signed her name as Mrs. Georgia A. Hobron); Nephew: Charles Latham Hobron, "son of my brother C. B. Hobron and Lizzie E. Hobron, his wife."; Wit: J. M. Saner, Eugene Digges.
Holekamp, Georg Friedrich Vol. D-1, pg. 131, dated 21 Oct. 1861, and translated from German. Death date not indicated. Records dated 28 Dec. 1868 - March 1869 Wife: Betty Wilhelmina Holekamp, nee Abbenthern; Oldest Son: Georg Augustin Holekamp; Third Son: Daniel Holekamp; Had property in Kerr County; Wit: A. Bruns and Aug. Faltin, (A. Faltin only living witness on 28 Dec. 1868); App: Heinrich Boerner, P. Ingenhuett, H. Wille; Names: P.A. Ingenhuett.
Holzinger, Johann Georg Vol. D-1, pg. 213, signed in San Antonio on 27 June 1871; Death occurred between 22 Feb. 1872 and 6 August, 1872; a native of Membach, Oberamt, Kingelau(?), Wurtemberg. Wife: Mariana, formerly Krempp, now Holzinger; Wit: Gustav Bergmann and A. Dittmar, both of San Antonio; Dittmar states that in 1871, Holzinger was 50 or 60 years of age.
Holzinger, Mariana Vol. 3, pg. 96; dated 8 Oct. 1895 when she was abt. 77 years of age. Wife of Johann Georg Holzinger, deceased. Daughters: Mariana Nickel, wife of William Nickel, Genoveva Seidemann, wife of Peter Seidemann; Grandson: Gustav Nickel; G-daughter: Mrs. Auguste Offer, nee Nickel; Signature of testator given as Maria Anna Holzinger; A/E: H. Theis; Wit: Julius Phillip, Jr., Adolph Harz.
Karger, Charles Vol. 3, pg.233; dated 20 Jan. 1889 when he was about 44 years of age; Death occurred 19 July, 1898 Wife: Alvine Karger; mentions children, not names; Witness: Paul Ingenhuett, Rudolph Flach; App: Emil Karger, Friedrich Weber, Rudolph Flach.
Kendall, George Wilkins Vol. D-1m pg. 84; dated 4 Feb. 1867, New Orleans; probate date 8 April 1874 Wife: Adelina de V. Kendall; Children: Georgina de V. Kendall, Louisa Caroline Kendall, George William Kendall, Henry Fletcher Kendall; Brother-in-law: J. Cummings Evans; App: Erastus Reed, William V. Henderson, Charles Braun; Names: August Staffel, Henry C. King, A.M. Holbrook, John Caperton, Louis Willke, ---Devine, T.A. Quintero (New Orleans), Pierre Charles Cuvellier (New Orleans), George Werner Krause, Christian Aman, John Joseph Walzem, Jean Sesage and Son, (France), W. Dietert, Jacob Theis, J. G. O'Grady, J. D Johns, H. Wendler, --Ludewig, Norton and Deutz, Lockhart and Randall, E.A. Wagner, W.E. Jones, H. Gersdorff, Oliver and Brothers, W. R. Story, H. Runge and co., F. Kalteyer, Cochrane, Baylef and Co., R. Brotze, Christian Aman, Clara Melchert, A. Wette-- , M. Baumann, Anna Vogt, H. G. Cutlett, A. Dittmar, Phillip Zoeller.
Klemstein, Carl Vol. 2, pg. 268, dated Sept. 1890 Wife: Florentine; children: Sons, Carl and Gustav; daughter, Bertha.; Wit: wilhelm Trampp, August Fischer, e. Habecker translated the will from German to English; App. R. Flach, Theo. Wiedenfeld, Dan. Holekamp: Name: Rich Faltin
Kuhfuss, Therese Vol. 3, pg. 102; dated 8 Nov. 1895 Sons: Ed Kuhfuss, William Kuhfuss (still a minor); Wit: Aug. Ewald, Julius Koch (deceased earlier); A/E: Ed Kuhfuss; App: Wm. Ad. Weyrich, Joe Dienger.Vanderstratten
Kuhfuss, William Vol. 3, pg. 42; dated 10 May 1872; Death occurred 21 August, 1894. Wife: Therese, formerly Riedel; wit: H. Theis, G. H. Toepperwein
Leonard, Lorenz Vol. D, pg. 40; dated 3 June 1879 when he was about 46 years of age; Death occurred 1 July 1897 Wife: Elise, formerly Wendler; Wit: Henry Wendler, H. W. Petermann; A/E: Elise Leonard; App: Julius Fabra, Wm. D'Dalbini, August Theis
Leylich, Wilhelm Vol. 2, pg. 168; dated 11 Nov. 1889 when he was about 82 years of age; Death occurred 7 December, 1889 Nephew: Gustav Adolph toepperwein; Wit: F.N.J.Lohmann, Henry Theis; A/E: G. A. Toepperwein; App: Chas. F. Luckenbach, Adolph Weyrich, Joe Dienger.
Lindner, Michael Vol. D-1, pg. 401; dated 3 Feb. 1878;
On 21 May, 1878, Wiedenfeld stated Lindner died about 2 months earlier
Wife: Margaretha; Children: daughter, Anna, now Mrs. Langbein, son Julius, son Hermann, daughter Auguste, son Leo, daughter Antoine.
McKenzie, Ranald, S. Vol. 2, pg. 126; dated 8 May 1883, filed in office of the Surrogate of Richmond County, New York Brother: Morris S. Mackenzie of New York; Sister: Harriet D. Mackenzie, New York; Wit: Edwin B. Woods, Eugene A. Curran
Maertz, Caroline Vol. 2, pg. 17; dated 26 March 1883, when she was about 72 years old Wit: Henry Boerner, Peter Ingenhuett; App: Otto Brinkman, Ernest Flach, Robert Steves; Names: Theodore Wiedenfeld, Mr. E. Haack
Marion, Alfred Jacques Vol. 2, pg. 93, dated Oct. 1887; Death occurred 3 October 1887 in San Antonio, Texas Wife: anna Marion, formerly Kumner(?); Wit: L.N. Lavalle, C. V. Langbein; He was originally from the Commune des Friques, District de la Broye, Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland.
Marquardt, Marie Vol. 2, pg. 287; dated 24 Mar. 1891; Death occurred 10 April, 1891 Son: Adolph Marquardt; Wit: August Offer, August Langbein; App: Ottmar Behr, Gustav Langbein, Charles Oelkers.
Mayrhofen, Charles Vol. D-1, pg. 97; signed and translated from German 4 Nov. 1858 Wife: Amalia; Brother: Heinrich von Mayrhofen; Wit: Wm. D. Parrish and Otto Wupperman; A/E: Mrs. Amalia von Mayrhofen Duerler and her husband J. J. Duerler, later Richard Brotze.; App: Charles Braun, Jacob Reinhardt, Casper Sueltenfuss
Names: Maria Muenzler (Bexar County), C. Hugo Clauss, George Hoerner, Chs. Nauwald, Christoph Harsdorff and wife, Ferd. Ohlenburger, Frederick Lenz, J. G. O'Grady, B. F. Dane, Adam Vogt, C.H. King, Chs. Harsdorff, Leigh and Dittmar, A. Staffel, Aug. Vogt, H. E. Fischer, Jones and Dittmar, Mr. Gray, Henderson and King, Charles Mayrhofen, Emma Mayrhofen, Amalie Mayrhofen.
Meyer, Friedrich Vol. 2, pg. 447; dated 23 Oct. 1886 when he was about 60 years old. Wife: Ernestine Meyer, and mentioned "children"; Wit: Wm. Eitze, Wm. Biermann; App: P.G. Villaret, Theo. Wiedenfeld, Dan. Holekamp;
Names: Peter Ingenhuett, Ernest Flach, Fr. Perner, Miss Anna Meyer.
Pearce, Samuel A. Vol. D-1, pg. 25; dated 12 Dec. 1863 Pearce "a citizen of Santa Rosa County in the State of Florida," lists wife Ann Amalia Pearce and two children, Henry allen Pearce and Edmund Anderson Pearce. Wit: James S. Abbott, Wm. E. Jones, J.S.C. Nowlin.; Inventory of estate includes three slaves, a man Jack, 37 years old, a boy Osborn, (8 years), and a girl Bell (14 years).
Names: William B. Edge, John J. Caruther, T. Buku (?), H. Canfield, W.D. and Sarah Sherwood, W.P. Hassel, M.M. Kinney, Stephen Best, Henry Conquila (?).
Phillip, Joseph Vol. 2, pg. 114; dated 20 Dec 1879 when he was about 37 years old ; Death occurred 30 June, 1887 Wife: Mina, formerly Pfeiffer; Wit: Henry Wendler, C. Hugo Clauss,; App: Chas. Dienger, Anton Bergmann, H. Wendler.
Ranzau, Louis Vol. D, pg. 118; was signed 27 Jan. 1880; Death occurred 2 March 1881 Wife: Emilie Ranzau; Children: daughter Thusnelda, now the wife of Henry Agold, that the three youngest children are Ben, Arthur and Oscar and gives the name of a son Bill and a daughter May.
Wit: F.W. Schweppe and John Reinhard; A/E: Emilie Ranzau; App: William Nickel, Christian Ammann, R. W. Whitworth;
Names: C.H. Sueltenfuss, Fr. Herbst, A.W. Barr, Wm. Khufuss, Henry Theiss, Frank Schaeffer.
Rose, Julius Vol. 2, pg. 360; dated 1891 when he was about 51 years of age Wife: Emilie rose; Child: Erdman Rose; wit: August Koehne, Gustav Biermann.
Rountree, Charles J. Vol. D, pg. 112; dated 30 Jan. 1878, Austin, Texas Lived in Wilson, North Carolina before January 1877, and "wanted to be buried by the side of my wives and children."; Brother: R.H. Rountree (Brooklyn, New York); sister: Susan R. Dunn; Nephew: A.R. Blount (New York State); Wit: D.R. Wallace, D.M. Wilson; A/E: brother Dr. F.M. Rountree, nephew A. R. Blount; App: B.L. Hester, W.L. Wadsworth, H. W. Peterman;
Names: S.H. Rountree (Lenoir County, North Carolina, s. R. Dunn (Lenoir County, N.Carolina, S.R. Rountree, W. R. Wallace.
Sauer, Heinrich Vol. D, pg. 64; dated 30 Oct. 1875 and translated from German; Death occurred 9 December, 1879 Children: Margaretha, (now married to Gustav Schoenert), Catharine Ludwig; Wit: wilhelm biermann, F. Eduard Schmidt; A/E: Theodore Wiedenfeld; App: Otto Brinkmann, Jacob Gass, Fritz Saur.
Names P. Vorhauer, H. Ingenhuett, Thomas and Anna Ingenhuett, Chas. Haack, Auguste Zoeller, Aug. Faltin, H Wetz, Mrs. Pankratz, H. Allerkamp, J. Spenrath, John Hoerner, P.H. Schwethelm, Dr. F. Petersen, P. Ingenhett, M. Ingenhuett, F. Fischer.
Schilling, Ernst Vol. 2, pg. 179; dated 26 Oct. 1888 when he was about 50 years of age, trans. from German Wife: Dorothea; Mentions minor children but names not given.; Wit: Theo. Wiedenfeld, Ferd. Schulze; App: Peter Ingenhuett, Theo. Wiedenfeld, Otto Brinkmann.
Names: g. Bauer, Marie Roemer, Loise Schulze, E.F. Schmidt, G. Lindemann.
Schneider, Mrs. Marie Vol. 3, pg. 556; dated 12 June 1894; Death occurred 7 Feb. 1900. Translated from German "George Wern and his daughter Dorothea Wern; Mathilda Wern, wife of George Wern.; "Dora Wern, a girl and minor under 14 years, to wit: 9 years of age".
Wit: Constantin Haerter, Theo Wiedenfeld; App: P.G. Villaret, Alex Brinkmann, Ed Perner;
Name: Willy Wiedenfeld
Seewald, Gottfried Vol. D-1, pg 139; dated 11 June 1866; probated 29 March 1869 Wife: Anna Maria Seewald; song: Karl Seewald; Wit: c. Aman, A. Haag; app: Adolph Haag, Caspar Hoffarth, Henry Magers.
Seidensticker, Henry (Heinrich) Vol. 2, pg. 407; dated 17 Mar. 1892 when he was about 61 years old. Death occurred 25 June, 1892. Asks that his oldest son, Carl, be appointed executor and guardian of the minor children; Wit: Dan Holekamp, Otto Brinkman; App: Dan Holekamp, P.G. Villaret, Otto Brinkman;
Names: Charles Seidensticker, A.G. C. Matter, Ed. F. Schmidt.
Simon, Caroline (Bauer) Vol. D, pg. 5; dated 1 April, 1878, was translated from German. It revoked a will made 29 October, 1877. "In the event they shall move to Roumania to our relatives". Wit: Wm. Vogt, Clara Duveneck. Duveneck stated Caroline 42 years of age at date of signing her will and she died in June, 1878. App: Julius Fabra, Ignatz Minich, Jacob Theis, later Ph. Zoeller, W. Dietert. Exec. and Guard: Minna Simon, later Mrs. William D'Albini.
Simon, Ferdinand Vol. D, pg. 1; dated 29 Oct. 1877 Wife: Caroline, formerly Bauer; Children: Leopold, Bertha, Minna; Wit: Heinrich Wendler, G.H. Froebel
Froebel stated Simon about 50 years of age at date of signing his will and he died about July, 1878.
Spiers, Mrs. Cecilia C. Vol. 3, pgs. 531, 537 was started in front of witnesses on 1 June 1899. Death occurred 2 June, 1899, nuncupative will. Grand-daughter: Ethel Heck Leek; "Mr. Griffen, my former husband", "my husband Thomas H. Spiers" (sic);
Wit: H. J. Graham, Dr. A.H. Davidson, T. H. Spiers, D. A. Foote; A/E: D. A. Foote
John Howell, W. D. Hutchinson, John Guthrie, Ellen Crain, Dr. Goeth
Staffel, August Vol. D-1, pg. 179; dated 12 March 1863; made when he was age 37. Death occurred May, 1870. Wife: Kunigunda Staffel, daughter of Joseph Dienger, Germany; Brother in-law: Charles Dienger; wit: W. Heuermann, Ph. Zoeller
Names: c. H. Froebel, Alfred Kapp, Charles Braun, Richard Brotze, Kunigunda Bertha Staffel.
Stephenson, John Vol. 3, pg. 50; dated 19 Jan. 1895 when he was 74 years of age. Death occurred 30/31 January, 1895 Daughter: Ella Stephenson; Wit: F.W. Schweppe, W. H. Stephenson (also called Henry).
Steves, Robert Vol. 3, pg. 435; dated 10 March 1899, when he was about 68 years of age; Death occurred 14/15 March, 1899. Wife: Ida Steves, nee Allerkamp; Children: Heinrich, Richard, Robert, Alvine, Laura, Johann, Helene; Wit: Charles Meyer, Otto Brinkmann, Jacob Gass; A/E: Ida Steves; App: Otto Brinkmann, Chas. Meyer, Jacob Gass;
Names: Faltin Bros. and co., Hugo Wiedenfeld, E. Steves and Sons.
Strine, John J. Vol. 3, pg. 78; dated 9 June 1893; Death occurred 31 August, 1895 Wit: George S. Waterman, David thomson;
Name: Dr. Jennie Rickards.
Szabad, Emeric Vol. 3, pg. 6; dated 20 Feb. 1894, when he was about 69 years of age. Death occurred 13 March, 1894 Wit: August Ewald, Clara duveneck, Clara Schaeffer.; A/E: G. A. Schattenberg; App: E. Habecker, O. Behr, Joe Dienger
Property in Wilson, Bexar, and Kerr Counties.
Names: Gerhard Duveneck, Fried. Hofheinz, H. J. Graham, A. Winslow (Lredo), Thos. Ryan (Laredo), Ad. Haag, Aug. Pankratz.
Tabbert, Wilhelm Vol. 2, pg. 47; dated 28 Dec. 1886; Death occurred 28 Jan. 1887 Wife: Augusta Tabbert; Wit: Wilhelm Hein, Richard Brauner; App: Albert Ammann, Wilhelm Hein
Theis, Phillipp Jacob Vol. D-1, pg 335; signed 10 May 1876; Death occured in the month of May 1876, was about 65 years of age when he signed his will. "Native of Offenbach, Amt Herborn, Province of Hessen-Nassau, Kingdom of Prussia, Germany"; Wife: Margarethe, formerly Kessler"; Wit: Henry Wendler and E.A.F. Toepperwein.
Upham, Hervey Vol. 3, pgs 221; dated 11 November 1883; Probate, 1897. Wife, Sarah Elizabeth Upham; her children: Mabel Frost Upham, Ida Frost Upham, Burt Frost Upham
My(his) children: Hervey Standley Upham, Henry Warren Upham, Elizabeth Warren Newhall, Hattie Warren Locke, Mabel Frost Upham, Ida Frost Upham, burt Frost Upham
Witness: R. W. Whitworth, Jr., H. Sherwood, Josiah E. Anderson.
A/E: Mrs. Sarah E. Upham
App: H. J. Graham, B. F. Dane, David Thompson
Vickery, A. K. Vol. F-1, pg. 190, 192, 198; 29 April, 1882 - 21 July 1882 H. W. Peterman appointed temporary administrator on April 29, 1882, but had died by May 15, 1882. Jacob S. West so appointed.
No other information
Voelcker, Eugene Vol. D-1, pg. 60, no date. To wife Louise Voelker, "whose maiden name was Schmidt."
Witness: Dietrich Knibbe, Charles Fischer, Jacob Bergmann, all from Comal County
A/E Louise Voelker
App: William T. Schuchardt, C. F. Bergmann
Names: Francis Brandt, Charles Power, Julius Voelker (New Braunfels), Dr. Schloemann (San Antonio), Druggist Nette, George Klappenbach.
Vogt, Adam 21 April, 1882 - 15 January, 1883 Vol. D. Page 145

List of names and addresses of kinfolk living at the time of his death:
brother Jacob Vogt of Saginaw City, Flint County, Michigan; brother Egbert Jan Vogt, Lehrbach, Langericht Homberg om Gohm; Kreis Alsfeld, Provinz Oberhessen, Grossherzog-Hessen Darmstadt.
Heirs of deceased sister Margarethe Hagemann nee Vogt are: August Hagemann, Birmingham County, PA, Eduard Hagemann, Emma Hagemann, Gertrude Hagemann, Elise Hagemann, in Prussia, Provinz Hessen Nassau.
Witnessed by: Hugo Klocke, George Dieffenbach, Nic. Teng, all of San Antonio.
A/E: A. Dittmar, Bexar County;
App. Phillip Zoeller, F. E. Grothaus, G. D. Duveneck
Names: Clara Duveneck, G. Freisleban, A. G. Vogt, Henry C. King, Jean P. King, August Ewald, J. Ulle, Johanna Ulle, Theo. Schlemming, R. Wulfing. Frank LaMotte, Vogt and Pfeiffer, Dr. F. Herff, Trinidad Perez, Sarah E. Eager, Robert Eager.

Volst, Albert Vol. 2, pg. 143, dated 28 March, 1889

To wife, Hermine Volst
Witness: Heinrich Hein, Carl Schulze
App: Chas. Beseler, Albert Ammann, Thos. H. Manning
Wuppermann, Georg Vol. 3,p 593; Death occurred 7August 1900 He was unmarried
A/E: H. J. Graham; Heirs reside in Germany
Father: H. Wuppermann residing at Lockstedt, near Hamburg, Germany
Names: Charles Beseler, E. Maertz, H. Poehnert, F. Groos and Co., Hamburger Deutschein(?) Bank, C. Beseler St., C. O. Ebensberger, W. J. Wilke, R. Foerster, E. Kuhfuss, Dr. J. F. Noe, C. and A. Schwarz, J. Guthrie.
Zink, Nicolaus Vol. 2, pg. 87; dated 16 February, 1882 ; Death occurred in 1887
Zink was a native of Bamberg, Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany, "late Grand Uncle, Pastor Nicolaus Zink from Bamberg", "late stepmother Anna Maria Zink, formerly Buhler, from Worth near Nurnberg, Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany", "late father Nicolaus Zink", "wife Sarah Agnes Zink, formerly Williams".
Witness: Adolph Zoeller, August Matzdorff.
Zumwaldt, Robert Vol. 3, pg. 311; March - April 1899; Death occurred 7 March, 1899 A/E: Dr. R. A. Goeth;
Names: a. H. Davidson, Wm. J. Willke, Wm. Willke.

Notes: A/E: Administrator or Executor;
App: Appraisers;
Part: Partitioners
Wit: Witness

These Will Abstracts can be found in the book:
Genealogical Abstractions from Kendall County, Texas Probate Records, 28 April, 1862 -- 10 December 1900

published by Genealogical Society of Kendall County, Texas, in 1986.