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(Thanks to Oliver Peasley of Orange, Texas, for sending this article)

"The Weekly Telegraph"
Houston, Texas
Wednesday, November 26, 1856

(Below is a transcription of the above)

Indian Massacre!
Four Men Killed, and Three Wounded!

We learn the following from Mr. DeWitt who came in from Camp Verde a few days since:

There having been reported, at Camp Verde that a large body of Indians were in the vicinity, a scout of some twenty-eight soldiers, accompanied by seven young men, residents of Kerrsville, on the Guadalupe.   After arriving at the spot where the Indians were reported to have been, and scouting about some time without finding them, the regular soldiers returned to Camp Verde, but from some cause or other the citizens remained behind, and the Indians, no doubt having watched their movements, came upon them one night as they were asleep, killing four at the first fire, and wounding three, who managed to get into Kerrsville, where by another gentleman, we learn that one or two of them have since died from their wounds.

As soon as this news reached Camp Verde, Capt Palmer sent a strong party of troops in pursuit of the Indians.

This is a melancholy piece of news, and it should be a warning to our frontier settlers to be on their guard; it was about this time last year that the Indians committed so many attrocious depredations, coming within the very bearing of this city, and killing persons and driving off their property.   The people should remember that their only safety lies within themselves, as the State and Congress turned a deaf ear to their appeals last year, when our citizens were being butchered and carried into captivity, and their property destroyed or appropriated by these ruthless savages.

Since writing the above, we have received information of other depredations in the country, all going to show
 that this is another one of their annual visits to this section for the purpose of murdering and 
marauding our citizens. - 
San Antonio Herald

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