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Transcribed by Thelma Sutton – July 2010.
(Use the “Find” feature on your browser (usually in “Edit”) to find a name)
The 6th & 7th grades are listed by surname in alphabetical order.)

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H. A. Moore, Superintendent

W. B. Childs, President

W. W. Vann, Vice-President

Pam D. Grinstead, Secretary

J. B. Young

F. R. Stehling

A. J. Lochte

J. Eugene Cowden




James E. Swann - High School Principal

T. F. Daniels - Elementary Principal

Mary Nell Adkins - Secretary

Mrs. D. W. Bennett - Music

Howard Black, Science

Elizabeth Rattigan - Girls Physical Education

David Coleman - Athletics, Algebra, Commercial Arithmetic, Social Studies

Sansel Dent - Bookkeeper

Wilma Doane - Typing

Mrs. Catherine Folger - Librarian

Mary Lucy Marberry - Spanish

Mrs. Lorena Marsh - Homemaking

P. C. Martinez - Music

Dorris Parke - Mathematics

Carl Price - Boys Physical Education

Harper Rawlings - Vocational Agriculture

Violet Sahm - English

Mrs. Henry Steves - English

Lee Una Sullivan - Commercial

Mrs. J H. Vordenbaum - English

Harriet Garrett - Social Studies

Francis L. Winkey - Mechanical Drawing, Trades & Industries, Woodshop






George Akins

(no activities listed)

Willielee Auld

Antler Staff ‘37; Tatler Staff ‘37

Eileen Baethge

Library Club ‘37

Eulaliah Ballard

Antlerettes  ‘37-38-39; Pres. Tatler Staff ‘39; Editor ‘39; F.H.M. ‘37; Shorthand ‘38; Spelling ‘38

James Ervin Baldwin

F.F.A. ‘39

Ben Baskin

Tatler Staff ‘39; Track ‘38; F.F.A. ‘38-’39

Willard Bass

F.F.A. ‘37

Leroy Basse

F.F.A. ‘39

Charlotte Beaty

Antlerettes ‘36; Choral Club ‘36; Junior Class Play ‘38

Wallace Bernhard

Tatler Staff ‘37-’38; Dramatics ‘38; Agriculture ‘37; Spelling ‘38

Irene Bird

Future Homemakers ‘38-’39

Vern Blodgett

F.F.A. ‘37-’38-’39; Orchestra ‘37; Band ‘37

James Buford

4-H ‘38; Debate ‘38

Melvin Bull

Basketball ‘38--’39; Glee Club ‘36; Hobby Club ‘37

Mary Ellen Butt

Sec. Senior Class ‘39; Antlerettes ‘37-’38-’39; Drum Major ‘39;  Antler Staff ‘39;  Choral Club ‘37-’38; Girls Sextet ‘39; Orchestra ‘36; Tennis ‘37-‘38-’39

Bernice Canon

GAA ‘37; Future Homemakers ‘38

Alvenia Carder

Choral Club 1937-38

Walter Carr

Vice-President Senior Class 1938-39; Library Club ‘36; International Relations ‘37; Orchestra ‘35-’36; Debate ‘37-’38-’39; Tennis ‘38

Corinne Childs

Vice Pres. Junior Class ‘38: Antlerettes  ‘37-’38; Antler Staff ‘38-’39; Editor ‘39; Tatler Staff ‘39; Choral Club ‘37; Junior Class Play ‘38; Debate ‘39; Declamation ‘37

William Coleman

Pres Sophomore Class ‘37; Pres. Junior Class ‘38; Pres. Senior Class ‘39; Football ‘36-’37-’38; Track ‘37-’38-’39; “T” Association; Boys Choral Club ‘36; Golf ‘37-’38; Declamation ‘37

Charles Cox

Tatler Staff ‘36; Dramatic Club ‘37; International Relations Club ‘36

Bessie Darby

Choral Club ‘38; Pep Squad ‘38

Vernon Dickey

Basketball ‘39; Choral Club ‘36; F. F. A. ‘37-’38; Tennis ‘39

Alfred Domingues

Football ‘37-’38; Basketball ‘38-’39; Track ‘38-’39; “T” Association ‘37-’38; Hobby Club ‘37; International Relations ‘36

Howard Dommert

Glee Club ‘37; Safety Patrol ‘38; F.F.A. ‘37-’38-’39

Lorine Edwards

Tatler Staff ‘38; Homemaking ‘36-’37-’38

Loy Estes

Spanish club ‘37; Orchestra ‘37-’38; Band ‘37-’38-’39

Ruth Fleming

Antlerettes  ‘37-’38-’39; Antler Staff ‘39; Tatler Staff ‘39; Choral Club ‘37-’39; Tennis ‘39

Hewlett Fourton

Basketball ‘37; Track ‘36-’37-’38-’39; Library ‘37; Safety Patrol ‘37-’38-’39

Billie Jean Gardner

Antlerettes  ‘38; Tatler Staff ‘39; Choral Club ‘39; Orchestra ‘38

W. J. Graves

Glee Club ‘36-’37; Library ‘36

Waller Gross

Tatler Staff ‘36; Dramatic Club ‘36-’37; Junior Class PlaY ‘37; One Act Play ‘37; Tennis ‘36-’37; Yell Leader ‘38

John Harris

Antler Staff ‘38; Glee Club ‘36-’37; Library Club ‘36;  Spanish Club ‘37; Orchestra ‘37-’38-’39; Junior Class Play ‘38

Eleanor Henke

Antlerettes ‘37-’38; F. H. M. ‘37-’38-’39

Meta Heimann

Antlerettes ‘37; Choral Club ‘36; G. A. A. ‘37

Herbert Holchak

Basketball ‘39; Yell Leader ‘38; Dramatic Club ‘37; Glee Club ‘37; Tennis ‘37-’38-’39

James Jay

(no activities listed)

Wilma Kelsey

Antlerettes ‘37-’38-’39; Choral Club

Evelyn Lachele

Antlerettes ‘37-’38-’39; Choral Club ‘37; G. A. A. ‘37

Garland Land Jr.

Vice Pres. Senior Class ‘39; Football ‘36-’37-’38; track ‘38-’39 “T” Association ‘38-’39; Antler Staff ‘38-’39; Business Manager ‘39; Dramatic Club ‘37; Science Club ‘38; Glee Club ‘38; Junior Class Play ‘38; Operetta ‘37-’38

Charles Leinweber

Basketball ‘38-’39; F.F.A. ‘37-’38; International Relations ‘37

Clarence Leinweber, Jr

F.F.A. ‘36-’37; International Relations ‘36

Mabel Lessing

Antlerettes ‘37-’38; Tatler Staff ‘38; Choral Club ‘36-’37-’38; Junior Class Play ‘38; Typing Club ‘38; Tennis ‘36-’37-’38; Ready Writer ‘39; Tivy Sextet ‘39

Jane Lewis

Antlerettes ‘37; Choral Club ‘37-’38

Joyce Lotspeich

Antlerettes ‘37-’38-’39; Tatler Staff ‘39; Choral Club ‘36-’37-’38; Typing Club ‘38; Tennis ‘39; Spelling Meet ‘38

Ruth Lawrance

Antlerettes ‘36; Choral Club ‘36-’37

Sybil Mathews

Choral Club ‘37-’38-’39

Ezekil Marlowe

(no activities listed)

Jack Miesch

Basketball ‘38; Dramatic Club ‘37; Golf ‘37-’38

Wheeler Mosty

Tatler Staff ‘39; Glee Club ‘37

William Mullins

Football ‘37-’38; Track  ‘38-’39; “T” Association ‘38

Harvey C. McCormick Jr.

Basketball ‘39; Track ‘39; Science Club ‘37; Orchestra ‘37; Band ‘38-’39

Clovis McDonald

Football ‘36-’37-’38; Basketball ‘37-’38; Track ‘38; “T” Association ‘37-’38; Glee Club ‘36-’37

Joe McDonald

Vice Pres. Senior Class ‘38; Football ‘38;  “T” Association ‘38; Antler Staff ‘37; Glee Club ‘36

Virginia Newsome

Antlerettes ‘37; Library Club ‘36; Home Economics ‘36; Dramatic Club ‘37

Marjorie Odem

Antlerettes ‘37-’38; Antler Staff ‘38; Choral Club ‘37-’38; Orchestra ‘37-’38-’39; Typing Club ‘38

Ted Patton

Football Manager ‘37; “T” Association ‘37; Antler Staff ‘38; Tatler Staff ‘39; Golf ‘38

Mary Elizabeth Poynor

Tatler Staff ‘39; Dramatic Club ‘37; Choral Club ‘38

Dale Priour

Football ‘38; Glee Club ‘37; F.F.A. ‘38; Live Stock Judging Team ‘38

Hunter Rabalais

Football ‘36-’37-’38; Basketball ‘38-’39; “T” Association ‘36-’37-’38; Glee Club ‘37

Felix Real Jr.

Glee Club ‘37; F.F.A. ‘37-’38-’39

Charles Reiter

Library Club ‘37

Jerry Ritchie

Antlerettes ‘36; Choral Club ‘37

Rebekah Rodriguez

Library Club ‘38

Frances Delphene Roe

F.H.M. ‘39

Charles Rose

Track ‘38-’39; Library Club ‘38; International Relations ‘37;  Safety Patrol ‘38-’39; Captain ‘39; Debate ‘36

Mary Sue Ross

Antlerettes ‘37-’38-’39; Drum Major ‘39; Dramatic Club ‘37; Junior Class Play ‘38; Tennis ‘37

David Schnerr

Vice Pres. Sophomore Class ‘36; Football Manager ‘38; “T” Association ‘38; Tatler Staff ‘39; Glee Club ‘36; Tennis ‘36

Alister Shand

Library Club ‘36-’37

Bill Shand

Vice Pres. Junior Class ‘37; Football ‘37-38; “T” Association ‘38; International Relations ‘36-’37; Declamation ‘37

Mary Frances Sheppard

Antlerettes ‘37-’38; Choral Club ‘37; F.H.M. ‘38-’39

Alvin Skaggs

Glee Club ‘36-’37

Harold Sloane

(no activities listed)

Alice Smith

Antlerettes ‘36-’37; Treasurer ‘37; Antler Staff ‘38-’39; Choral Club ‘36-’37; Debate   ‘38-’39;  First Year  Typing ‘38; Tennis ‘37-’38-’39

Eileen Smith

Tatler Staff ‘39; Choral Club ‘37

Thomas Speakman

Vice Pres. Junior Class ‘38; Football ‘36-’37-’38; Track ‘37-’38; “T” Association ‘37-’38; Choral Club ‘36; Tennis ‘39

Lonnie Sparkman

Spanish Club ‘36; Glee Club ‘37

Claire Stehling

Antlerettes ‘37-’38; Choral Club ‘36-37; Tennis ‘39

Patty Sullivan

Antlerettes ‘36; Tatler Staff ‘39; Choral Club ‘36; F.H.M. ‘37-’38-’39; Presdient ‘39; Junior Class Play ‘38; Tennis ‘38

Geraldine Toliver

G.A.A. ‘37; F.H.M. ‘38

Mary Ann Treiber

(no activities listed)

Dottie Tyson

(no activities listed)

Clifford Wheatley

(no activities listed)

Cleveland Wheelus

Antler Staff ‘38-’39; Glee Club ‘37-’38; Orchestra ‘36-’37-’38; Junior Class Play ‘38; Operetta ‘37-’38

Sibyl White

Antlerettes ‘37-’38; Tatler Staff ‘38; Choral Club ‘37-’38-’39; Tivy Sextet ‘39

Lou Nell Williams

Choral Club ‘37-’38

Billy Wilhelm

Vice Pres. Senior Class ‘39; Football ‘36-’37-’38; Basketball ‘37-’38-’39; Track ‘37; “T” Association ‘38-39;  Glee Club ‘37; Safety Patrol ‘38-’39;  Jr. Class Play ‘38

Patricia Sue Wray

Choral Club ‘37; F.H.M. ‘38; Dramatics Club ‘37

Charles Evans Wyatt

Glee Club ‘36; Dramatics Club ‘37; Hobby club ‘37; Golf ‘37-’38-’39; First Year Typing ‘38

Ellouise Wynne

Choral Club ‘38; Tatler Staff ‘39

Sylvia Zehntner

Sec. Junior Class ‘38; Treasurer Senior Class ‘39; Antlerettes ‘36; Choral Club ‘36-37; Choral Club ‘36-37; One Act Play ‘38









Anita Anderson                         Jesse Ammons                          Lady Margaret Augier

Aydeen Auld                             Mary Louise Auld                     Ruth Bagly

Lucille Baldwin                         Doskit Ballard                           Homer Bass

Mary Elizabeth Blodgett             Bessie Ruth Bourland                Margaret Burton

Betty Bynum                             Donald Bynum                          Dorothy Bynum

Dorothy Cantwell                       Geletha Cobb                           Manly Cooper

Harry Cowden                          Jerry Cowden                           Eugene Crider

Max Danford                            Delcie Faye Davis                     Willie Davis     

Harold Dommert                       Charles Durrin                          Eloise Eldridge

Avie Marie Elins                       Dora Lee Ersch                        Clara Mae Fletcher

Tristam Folger                           Sophie Fugler                            Millie Furr        

Geraldine Goss                          Clarence Graham                      Frances Guthrie

Burma Joe Harrison                  Pauline Hansen                         James Hart

Elaine Haufler                           Nellie Hauser                            Gladys Henderson

Hatty Henderson                       Werner Henke                          Harry Hilburn

Norman Hilburn                        Arthur Hines                             Lola Faye Holcombe

Betty Hunt                                Gerald James                            Bird Jetton

Raul Jimenez                             Allen Jones                               Jewel Kiefer

Carson Kincaid                         Marjorie Koon                           Alice Kott

Ola Kott                                   Margaret Kothman                    Beatrice LeBlanc

Margaret Leisman                     Joe Leonard                              Yvonne Lightsey

Opal Lindhart                            Oscar McCaffity                       Marty McCoun

Mac Dee McLemore                 Floyd McWilliams                      Lamar Mahon

Margaret Merrill                        Cecil Merritt                             Ruby Messick

Una Miller                                William Miller                            Holdis Moore Jr.

Dorothy Mosty                          Evelyn Mosty                            Alice Nell Nichols

Adeline Odem                           Alice Osborne                           Dolly Palmer

Russell Peters                           Aleeta Powers                          Lola Virginia Priour

Edna Real                                 Roland Richards                        Dwight Richardson

Lolete Roberts                          Annie Flo Saenger                     Iris Savage

Garland Scogins                        Ralph Solomon                          Wilma Lou Stark

Jimmie Stehling                         Frank Stevens                           Vera Stevens

Raymond Stone                         Clarence Stubblefield                 Jack Swearingen

Mary Opal Tolbert                     Jack Tamplin                             James Tamplin

Leroy Tate                                Louise Taylor                           Wilson Taylor

Howard Trapp                          Marjorie Tucker                        Mary Turner

Paul Van Dyke                         Naomi Wagner                          Thelma Wied

John White                                Margaret Whitehead                  Casper Wilhelm

Marshall Williams                      Ruby Mae Wilson                      Anna Louise Wells






Marylin Augier                          Dempsey Ballard                       Mary Barnes

Essie Mae Bartholomew            Ed Baskin                                 Frank Boney

Steve Boultinghouse                  Helen Joyce Boyd                     Mildred Bradley

Patsy Brashier                          Myrtle Bridges                          Virginia Brown

Allie Burton                              Emagene Camafax                    Joy Carlisle

Lucille Carson                           Allan Chaney                            James Coleman

Elia Cortez                                                                                Bonnie Bess Couch

Carletta Crawford                     Dale Crider                               A.L. Croom

Vickie Dawson                         Leonard DeMasters                  David Desha

Randolph Dietert                       Doris Douglas                           Sam Edwards

Virginia Eldridge                        Maurine Ersch                          Johnny Faifer

Loula Mae Favor                                                                       Robert Ferman

Betty Fugler                              Irene Gillaspy                            Flora Lillie Glenn

Howard Goff                            Richard Goss                            Russell Guill

Mary Margaret Hall                  Billy Hardin                               Jack Harding

Mae Louise Hartman                 C. L. Hatch                              George Hearne

Roy Henke                                                                               Tony Herrera

John Hilliard                              Alleta Holekamp                       Margaret Jay

Hazel Jones                              Rudolph Jones                           Freddie Karger

Junior Kenley                            Roscoe Key                              Frieda Klien

Mirian Knox                              Dorothy Koon                           Gloria Lachele

Evelyn Lancaster                                                                      Nancy Laurance

Earl Lear                                  Katherine Leonard                    Clifford Lowrance

Imogene Lowrance                   Bessie Luce                              Sammy Luchese

Ally Mathis                               C.B. Mathis                              Jean Mathis

Charles Maxwell                       Marie Mayes                            Stuart McCormick

Bryan Monk                                                                              Orville Moore

Stanton Morris                          Frances Mosty                          Lynn Mullins

Jimmy Murphy                          Oscar Neunhoffer                     Hazel Nichols

Joyce Nowlin                            Marcello Ochoa                        Wayne Osborne

John Pritchett                            Eva Mae Rogers                       Lillian Russell

Jimmy Saenger                                                                         Marjorie Mae Smalley

Robert Smith                             Lucille Stanley                           Jack Staudt

Jack Stevens                             Mary Lee Taylor                       Mary Katherine Travis

Mary Jane Troutner                   Franklin Tuttle

Doris Waldron                           Arthur Lee Walker

Melvin Wharton                        Mary Katherine Wilkerson

Charles Wilkerson                     Jesse Williams










Jack Davis - Athletics, Mathematics

Miriam Hood - Public Speaking

Mrs. Nan Kellam - English

Beatrice Kincaid - Social Studies

Tillie Real - Social Studies

Claribel Remschel - Art

Herman Vetter - Music, Mathematics

Mrs. T.M. Willson - English






Vaulter Baker                           Winston Bode                           Cecil Brown

Helen Bruton                            Juanita Butt                               Cleopa Cantwell

Cash Curtis                               Donald Chambliss                      Lucille Childs

Betty Jean Craeger                   Albert Coleman                         Leroy Collins

Bessie George Cooper               George Cowden                        Doris Dietert

Lecil Dixon                               Kenneth Dowdy                        Eva Eaton

Everett Eldridge                        Mary Alice Everett                    Mary Katherine Fisher

Gloria Gibson                            Dorothy Goldman                      Jack Hamilton

Claibourne Hardin                     Mildred Hardin                          Billy Harrison   

Billy Hefferman                        Maxine Hilliard                          Beulah Hough

Jimmy Huitt                              Madeline Juarez                        Hugo Jorda

Everett Kelsey                          Gaines Kincaid                          Valieta Koemel

Dora Lacey                              Miriam Lehmann                       Horace Lemoine          

Sybil Lemoine                           Henry Lessing                           Rosemary Lindhart

Charles Lochte                          Conrada Lopez                          Robert Ernest Love

Vernon Love                             Marjorie Lloyd                          Billy Lou Malin

Joe Martne                               Marjorie May                            Helen Mengas

Eleanor Mosty                           Lloyd McCoun                          Maxine McKinnon

Doris Jo McLeod                      Ruby McWilliams                      Gene Nabers

Ann Nanny                               Eddie Nather                             Sarah Beth Neely

John Newsme                           L.D. Nichols                             T.H. Nutter

Lee Peschal                              Paula Raigorodsky                     Francis Real

Jeanette Real                            Royce Reeves                           Laura Me Remschel

Ruby Runnels                            Tom Rutledge                           Katherine Saenger

Jesse Sager                               Lenora Sanchez                        Viola Sandel

Ed Sanford                                Alice Savage                             Cade Schwethelm

Eunavae Sisson                         Mary Jane Smith                       Jeanette Smith

Frank Speakman                       Ray Stuart                                Marguerite Strube

William Sullivan                         Billy Talbert                              Billy Jean Tamplin

Lucille Thurman                        Jimmie Lou Tucker                    Maud Van Dyke

Margaret Wages                       Lanelle White                            Bernice Whitehead

Clay Wilson                              Sidney Wray                             T.L. Wyatt

Lavonne Wynne                        Johnet Yarger                           Naomi Young

D. W. Taylor






(Yearbook includes a listing of names only;

transcribed as in book)


Baldridge  Roland                      Mey Rae Hirth

Beddingfield   Martha Neil         Holliman  George

Bennett   Allen                          Hough   Travis

Bernhard   Viola Mae                Howell   Eva Mae

Bonn   Matilda                          Jimenez   Collie

Brooks   Robert                         Jerda   Donald

Burnett   Nina                           Kelsey   May Etta                     Reynolds   Anna Bell

Burton   Louise                         Kuglmann   Mary Ellen              Riley   Raymond

Busby   Mary                            Lacey   John                             Robertson   Aaron

Bush   Martha Kate                   Le Blanc   Eurby                       Rodriguez   Martias

Butter   Clyde                           Lewis   Charles                         Rogers   Patsy Ray

Butter   Roberta                        Love   Marjorie                         Rogerson   Barbara

Butter   Winnie Mae                  Lynch   Betty                            Russell   Edgar

Collins   Regenald                      MacDonald   Earnestine            Schoewnwolf   Virginia Lee

Corbin   Trilby                           McDonald   Geraldine                Sheffield   Hugh Don

Crow   Alfred                           Matthews   Tommy                   Short   Joyce

Daniels   Walton                        Mika   Helen                             Smith   Raymond

De Wolfe   Clinton                    Mills   Joe Henry                       Sommers   Kenneth

Dial   Patricia                            Morton   Louise                         Starkey   Billie

Estes  Lorraine                          Mosty   Trilby                           Steves   Allen

Fluitt   Ellen                               Nichols   Ross                           Swearengen  Harris

Forrest  Stevens                        Niehaus   Louise                       Templeton   Faye

Fultz   Hubert                            Palmer   Lenora                        Trapp   Milton

Garcia   Joe                              Patterson   Patricia                    Truelove   Robert

Gillaspy   June                           Payne   Winnie                          Tuttle Pauline

Gillerman   Milton                      Peschel   Signe                          Wagner   Peggy

Greeson   Clifton                       Pointer   Albert                         Wier   Don

Harris   Florence                       Poole   Betty                             Wilkins   LeRoy

Harris   J.L.                              Prince   Mildred                        Wilkinson   Doyal

Hauser   Josephine                    Prior   Marie                             Winn   Henry

Heard   Tom                             Radcliff   Bernice                      Ward   Marjorie

Hill   Mapole                             Randle   Dorothy                       Young   Phyllis

Hines   Jewel                            Reiter   Mary Katherine             Matthews   Wanda






(Yearbook includes a listing of names only;

transcribed as in book)


Albe   Coralie                            Desha   Gerald                          Francis Kott

Anderson   Nadine                    Edwards   Arthur                      Lee  Otes

Anderson   Noble                      Edwards  Lee Roy                    Lowrance   Geraldine

Arndt   Billy                              Ethridge   J. B.                          Martinez   Florantine

Baker  Virginia                          Fant   Joe                                  Mathews   Niel

Bartholomew   Johnnie              Fluitt   Shelton                           Moore  Jean

Bird   Harrietta                          Fuller  R.L.                               Morris   Edwards

Blake   Jimmie                          Nueva Garcia                            Morris  Robert

Brack   Charles                         Goodwin  Morris                       Mullins   Bard

Brack   Robert                          Goss   James                             Neely   Roy

Brooks   Thelma                        Guiterrez   Alex                         Nichols   Leslie

Brown   Arlie                            Goss  Joyce      `                       Oatman   Lillian

Busch   Emily                            Grinstead   Fred                        O’Bryant   Ben

Butler   Modean                        Gross   Dorothy P.                    O’Bryant  Robert

Bynum   Jack                            Gross  Joyce                             Palmer   Jack

Carruth   Jane                           Gulledge   Edwin                       Parke   Robert Lee

Chenault   Muriel                       Guthrie   Billy                            Perner   Herbert

Childs   Bille                              Hardin   Buddy                          Petch   Glenn

Clouse   Patsy                           Hauser   Chester                       Pfuffer   Howard

Coan   Junior                             Henke   W.R.                           Pickens   Marvin

Cowden   W.H.                         Henley   Harold                         Reinhardt   Joe

Danford   Joe                            Hernandez   Estella                   Reynolds  Eugene

Daniel   Tom                             Hopkins   Floyd                         Roberts   Geraldine

Davis   Wanda                          James   Malcom                        Rodriguez   Elias

DeMasters   Billy Jo                  Jeter   Herschel                         Ross   Patsy

Desha   Rosemary                     Junkin   Fred                             Rotge   Bernice

Dietert   Verna Mae                  Kaiser   Homer                         Runnels   Mary

Dinwiddie   Oriel                       King   Jimmie                            Short   Eddie Joe



Shuptrine   J. W.

Sibson   Tom

Sifford   Christine

Spiker   Frances

Stiefel   Rachel

Stockton   Homer

Stone   Kenneth

Taylor   Raenell

Turner   Lonnie

Vandameer   Charles

Villanueva  Della

Waldron   Clifford

Wallace   Dale

Wharton   Maxine

Wise   Jackie

Worthan   Wendel

Wynne   Van


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