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Bishop-Surber Cemetery is located on private property in Eastern Kerr County near the Kendall County line.     There are numerous hand-hewn stones which are no longer legible.   The listings that follow are from those grave markers which are still readable.   Names in blue have a link to the gravestone photo  (Use your back button to return after viewing).   The survey was done by James & Shirley Webb in February '07.

Bishop, Andrew Jackson     b. 12 Mar 1838 d. 10 Dec 1890
Bishop, Blanche b. 22 Sep 1882 d. 28 Sep 1885
Bishop, Mary Ann b. 3 Aug 1846 d. 20 Mar 1939
Surber, Carlane b. 28 May 1862 d. 6 Mar 1884
Surber, Cyntha b. 8 Sep 1880 d. 21 Aug 1889
Surber, J. L. b. 8 Nov 1866 d. 7 Dec 1881
Surber, Monroe b. 1881 d. 1886

Family History Notes

Andrew Jackson BISHOP, the son of Alfred BISHOP and Delilah MORGAN, was born March 12, 1838, in Sangamon Co., Illinois (some records say he was born in Missouri).   He married Mary Ann Sophronia Elizabeth HURT on April 16, 1863, in Fayette County, Texas.    She was the daughter of William Perrin HURT and Clarissa S. BOSWELL, and was born August 3, 1846, in Lowndes Co., Mississippi.   Andrew's parents, Alfred & Delilah,  are buried in Center Point Cemetery, &  Andrew and Mary Ann are buried in Bishop-Surber Cemetery in Kerr County.  The known children of Andrew and Mary Ann Bishop are as follows:
Alice Bishop  b. June 22, 1864, in Kerr Co., TX; married Charles WESTON on November 28, 1883, in Kerr County.   Alice died June 19, 1959, and is buried in Center Point Cemetery.

Morgan Lee "Lee" Bishop b. 1867 in Kerr Co., TX; married Annie Moore on December 10, 1893, in Kerr County;  died 1945 in Mason Co., TX.  She was the daughter of John F. Moore and Jane___, and sister of Jack Moore who married Morgan's sister, Delilah.

Clarissa "Clara" Bishop b. 1869 in Kerr Co., TX; married W. A. SURBER on September 4, 1892, in Kerr County.  (It is not certain which Surber family W. A. belonged to.)

Delilah "Lilah" Bishop b. about 1871 in Kerr County, TX; married John Tarlton "Jack"MOORE on January 7, 1894, in Kerr County.   He was the son of John F. Moore and Jane____.

Sarah Bishop b. about 1875 in Kerr County, TX., married Arthur Praeter about 1898.  They lived in Mason County.

Laura Bishop b. about 1878 in Medina County, TX., married Daniel Curren and lived in Mason County, TX.

Alfred Allen Bishop b. 9 April 1880 in Medina County, TX., died 29 Aug 1967, married Addie Praeter, the daughter of Gus & Frances (Hindslay) Praeter.

Blanche Bishop b. 22 Sep 1882 in Medina County, TX.  Blanche died September 28, 1885 and is buried in Bishop-Surber cemetery.

Andrew Hamilton Bishop b. 21 May 1885

Buford Bishop married Maggie Duncan

Monroe Surber was born about 1838 in Pulaski County, Kentucky, the son of Joseph Surber and Renhama Young.   He married Mary Anna Hubble in Kentucky about 1860, came to Texas in 1870 with several other Surber relatives and lived in the Center Point area of Kerr County. 
His children were:

Garland Singleton Surber  b. about 1862 in Pulaski Co., KY.

Levi Johnson Surber b. 1864 in Pulaski Co., KY; married Carrulin Hubble on July 24, 1904, in Kerr County, Texas; died in Kerr County on March 5, 1946, and was buried at Center Point Cemetery.

Joseph Lincoln Surber b. November 8, 1866, in Pulaski Co., KY and died December 7, 1881, in Kerr County.   He is buried at Bishop-Surber Cemetery in Kerr County.

Martha Ellen Surber b. about 1871 in Pulaski Co., KY., married Everett McKnight Surber, her 2nd cousin.   They lived in Mason County and then moved to Oregon where they lived the remainder of their lives.

Sherod McClure Surber b. about 1877 in Kerr County, Texas.   He may have died young - before 1900.

Monroe Surber b. 1881 in Kerr County, Texas, and died in 1886 in Kerr County.   He is buried at Bishop-Surber Cemetery.  His gravestone is only partially legible and is propped against the west rock wall.

Stephen P. Surber b. about 1883 in Kerr County.  Married F. Pearl Leverett 9 Oct 1906.

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Census records for Kerr, Medina & Mason Co., Texas, and Pulaski Co., KY.  
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