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Don’t know the Cemetery?
Here is an Index of all of the Burials in the Cemeteries found on the
Kerr County TXGenWeb Genealogy Webpage. 

Index submitted to past webmaster; Shirley Webb by Charles Sherman.

This is a large database which includes the name of the deceased plus the year of birth and death to help you identify your family member.  The cemetery where that person is buried will be listed beside the name.   When you have found the name you want, return to the Kerr County Cemetery homepage to find that particular Cemetery & see  the listing as it appears on that Cemetery’s Page.  Links to the Alphabetical Index List  Sections are listed below.


After checking the Index List you selected, use your “Back Button” to return to this page.


A – Al


Am – Av


Ay – Bam


Ban - Bee

Foa - Fz




Ge - Gor


Gos – Gre

Marty - McCl


McCo - McM


McN - Mer


Mes – Mog

Simp - Smi


Smo - Sta


Ste - Stor


Stos – Sz


Beh – Biz


Bla – Brade


Bradf – Bro


Bru – Burr


Gri - Hai


Hal - Harp


Harr - Heg


Hei – Hez


Mol - Moos


Mor - Mue


Mul - Neu


Nev – No


Ta - Te


Th - To


Tr - U




Burs – Cap


Car – Cha


Che – Coe


Cof - Coo


Hi - Holl


Holm - Hoz


Hu - I


J – Johan


Nu - Ov


Ow - Pas


Pat - Pete


Peti – Pri


W - Was


Wat - Wer


Wes - Wilc


Wild – WilsonJ


Cop – Cre


Cri - Dau


Dav - Dem


Den - Diz


John - Joy


Ju - Ken


Ker – Knu


Ko – Lane


Pro - Rav


Raw - Rem


Ren - Rit


Riv – Roh


WilsonK - Wor


Wos - Z




Do - Dun


Dup - Eli


Elk - Far


Fas - Fl


Lang - Lei


Lej - Lon


Look - Ly


M – Marti


Roi – Ry


Sa – Schi


Schm - Sel


Sem – Simo






This Kerr County Burial Index by Charles Sherman is also published in a notebook and on the shelf

at the Kerr Regional History Center and Archives, 425 Water Street in Kerrville.