1900's, 1910's and 1920's

Photos courtesy of Casey Flinn and Charles Sherman

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Kelly School photo 1908


     KerrTivy1914.jpg (142000 bytes)

Tivy school photo 1914
  See below for caption.


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Turtle Creek School - ca 1921
Photos courtesy of Charles Sherman

The teacher was Charles' Mother, Stella Griffin, who became Stella Clements
after her marriage to Will Clements in 1922.

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Stella Griffin, the teacher, is on the very back row of the left photo (#1)
At the back left in photo #1 is Marie Schmidt.  At the front right is Louis Strohacker

In the right photo, (#2), Marie Schmidt is at the back row far left, & the girl
in the left front row may be Clarabell Barton.   Louis Strohacker is the boy at right front.

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