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1930's and 1940's

(You are invited to contribute your old photos for use on this page. Write:  Kerr County Coordinator for info)

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Kerr3rdboysA.jpg (82561 bytes)1939 - Boys of Kerrville Elementary 3rd Grade, Mrs. J. I. Moore, teacher
Row 1:  Mrs. Moore, Frank Ferris, Jack Bundick, Jack Adams, Roger Brach, James Baker, Frank Box, Eugene Cantwell.
Row 2:  Henry Arnecke, Morris Abbot, Thomas Burkhardt, Rudolph Fluett, Jesus ___.
(Photo courtsey of Maxine Powell & Ernestine Neuendorf)



Kerr3rdgirlsA.jpg (85602 bytes)1939 - Girls of Kerrville Elementary 3rd Grade.  Mrs. J. I. Moore, teacher
Row 1: Betty Bernhard, Grace Arredondo, Dalene Comparette, Georgia Nita Black, Nettie Faye Butler, Clarice Galloway, Lucy Glenn, Phidalia Nell Kinney.
Row 2: Shirley Douglas, Phyllis Brown, Effie Dora Fant, Vernell Garrett, Blanche___, Mary Ann Chisum, Ernestine Evans, Carole June Prine, Marilyn Fawcett, Lauthare Fly, Dora Mae Chenault.   Mrs. Moore is behind Row 2.  
(Photo courtsey of Maxine Powell & Ernestine Neuendorf) 


Kerr4thgrade.jpg (58848 bytes)

1940 - Tivy Elementary School - 4th Grade
Miss Lillian Sutton, teacher - Mr. Tom Daniels Principal
First Row L-R:  Roger Brach, Grace Arredondo, Clarice Galloway, Betty Bernhard, Nettie Faye Butler, 
Georgia Nita Black, Lucy Glenn, Frank Ferris, Eugene Cantwell, George Arreola.
Second Row L-R:  Jack Bundick, Henry Arnecke, Carolyn Lochte, Marilyn Fawcett, Phyllis Brown, Ernestine Evans, Dalene Comparette, Phidelia Nell Kinney, Jack Adams, Frank Box, Rudolph Fluett.
Third Row L-R:  Thomas Burkhardt, Carol June Prine, Lauthare Fly, Hilma Cortez, Vernell Garrett, Effie Dora Fant, 
Dora Mae Chenault, Blanche _____, Shirley Douglas, James Baker.
Fourth Row:  L-R:  Harold Bunch, King ____, Jesus ____, Orbie Lee Moose, Mr. Daniels, Miss Sutton 
                                                                                                        (Photo from Shirley  (Douglas) Webb) 


beginnerband2.jpg (88363 bytes)1941 - Tivy Elementary Beginner's Band.   
Pete Martinez, Director (left)
Picture was taken in the bleachers of the old Tivy Stadium located, at that time, behind the present day B.T.Wilson Elementary School.   The band hall is behind at right.
                                       (Photo from Shirley Webb) 

1942snow1.jpg (59873 bytes)1942 - -   Fun in the Snow - 
1200 block of Broadway.  Those residences are now gone and the block is a commercial area.
   (Photo from Shirley Webb)





TivyJrHiPens1.jpg (77604 bytes)1943  
Tivy Junior High Victory Club - Helping the War Effort.
                                  (Photo from Don & Lauthare Zesch)


TivyJrHighPens.jpg (71387 bytes)1943
On the steps of Tivy High School - 
Another Photo of the Tivy Junior High Victory Club
                                      (Photo from Don & Lauthare Zesch)

Members of the Junior High Victory Club in the Picture:
(They are shown in both photos and are listed as they appear in the picture on the right)
Row 1 L-R: Margaret Baldwin, Shirley Douglas, Lauthare Fly, Billy Hobson, Grace Arredondo, Marvin Seth.
Row 2 L-R: Winfred Smith, Theresa Gabler, Billie Jean Kincaid, Joan Nowlin, Laura Louise Maverick.             


July 1945 - Some Tivy Classmates
After their Freshman Year at Tivy High School
Theresa Gabler, Shirley Douglas, Marilyn Fawcett,
Carolyn Lochte, Billie Jean Kincaid


tivyhischool2.jpg (52419 bytes)About 1945      Tivy High School (right)  and Junior High (left) buildings.  These buildings are gone and new ones were built on the site - most recently used as the campus of B. T. Wilson Elementary School.  The original Tivy School building (behind the "Junior High" building picture above) was preserved and re-stored by a Kerrville School Committee with funds raised locally.

tivyelementary1.jpg (29429 bytes)1930  Tivy Elementary School Building  The present day Alternate School is housed in this building  and is still in use today (2010).


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