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From Ireland to Kerr County, Texas

Data Compiled By:  Claudia Lackey

Henry Lackey and Mary Jenkins (daughter of George Jenkins) were married 14 Mar 1781, in Berkeley Co., VA.   Henry was born in Ireland about 1750 and was an adventurous soul.   He and his wife traveled and lived in several places of the new United States of America.   Their son, Greenberry, was born in 1787 in Illinois, their son, George, was born in Georgia about 1788 and Henry, Jr., was born in 1801 in Tennessee.   They evidently returned to Illinois after that and had another son, William, born in 1807.   


Henry, Sr., served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.   When his widow, Mary, applied for his pension she was102 years of age.   She stated his war service was in Pennsylvania.    He died in Madison County, Tennessee.


In addition to sons Greenberry, George, Henry and William -  Henry, Sr., & Mary also had Joseph D. Lackey, who was their oldest son.   Joseph and his wife, Susan, were the first of the Lackey family to re-locate to Texas, moving to an area known as Whitemound about 1848.   In 1849,  Henry, Jr., and his wife, Nancy, led the major move to Texas with their 9 children, some in-laws, grandchildren and Henry's mother, Mary, who was 90.   They came to Grayson County, Texas.   Then the main Lackey clan arrived several months later in a procession of ox wagons.  There were enough Lackeys in this party of travelers to establish the core of a community.


Greenberry Lackey appears to have moved around quite a bit just as his father did.  His sons, William and Martin, were born in Illinois, Albert in Texas, Nathaniel & Thomas in Illinois and John in Missouri.    Birthplaces of the other children are not known.   There were 12 children born to Greenberry and his wife, Mary (Harlow) Lackey : Elijah, Elizabeth, James, William Alexander, Martin VanBuren, Nelson Cilvester, Sophia, Albert Newton, Thomas Henry, Nathaniel Greenberry, John Wesley and Henry Lee.

Greenberry, Sr.,  died at the age of 106 and is buried at Sandy Cemetery in Blanco, Texas.   Mary is also buried there, dying in 1883 at the age of 95.

Thomas Henry Lackey was born 15 Oct 1836 in Pike County, Illinois, one of the above 12 children of Greenberry's family.    He married Mary Ann "Anna" Lewis on September 23, 1855,  in Burnet County, Texas.   She was born in Cole County, Missouri in 1836.    Five children were born to this couple:  James Dodd in 1856, Francis Aaron (Frank), Mary Ann (Polly), Henry and Benjamin.


James Dodd Lackey, son of Thomas Henry and Anna, was in Kerr County by the 1880 census where he farmed in the Camp Verde area.   He married Temperance "Tempa" A. about 1875 and had two children: T. H., born in 1876  and Benjamin F., born in 1879.   T. H. died in 1916 but Benjamin lived an active life as a rancher and creator of leather goods and carvings made of wood and rock.   He died in 1951.    James' wife, Tempa, died about 1900 and James lived in the household of his brother, Henry, and Henry's wife, Sallie.     Sallie and Henry had a son, James, born in 1892 and died in 1911.     Henry died in 1904.    Later census records show Sallie and James D. Lackey married between 1910 and 1920.  


Thomas Henry Lackey, James' father, died at Sabine Pass during the Civil War.   Mary, his widow, later married E. Pearson.   They are buried at Camp Verde Cemetery in Kerr County, along with many other members of their family.  


The descendants of the pioneering Henry Lackey of Ireland, still live and work in Kerr County, Texas, to this day.

2007 Claudia Lackey


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