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            Turn right off S.H. 27 about half way between Center Point and comfort.  Cross the Guadalupe River, then drive about 5 miles.  Cemeteries are on the left side of the road.


This data is from “Cemeteries of Kerr County, Texas, 1859-1976” published by Kerrville Genealogical Society in 1980.  Lane Valley Cemeteries were inventoried by Mrs. Eddie Wiedenfeld and verified by Mr. Otto Bierman of Comfort.  Information was provided to Kerrville Genealogical Society by Arlene K. Tolman.


Graves located on Mr. R. R. Tippet Place


                                    Hardy, Jake                           b. 1858                       d. 2 Jun 1907

                                    Moore, Mary Jane                 b. Aug 1827               d. 22 Feb 1907

                                    Wesley, James                      b. (no dates)


Graves located on Dr. Wm. Brendel, Jr., Place


                                    Blanks, baby girl                    b. 1888                       d. 1915

                                    Edmonds, Martha                 b. 14 Jul 1829            d. 15 Apr 1914

                                    Edmonds, Sylvester              b. 19 Oct 1833          d. 15 Apr 1915


Submitted by Shirley D. Webb Jan 2001


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