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          5 Dec 2007             Information about obtaining an obituary from archived
                                           Kerr County obituary records compiled by Gloria Dozier
                                           of Kerrville Genealogical Society is added in the "Other
                                           Kerr County Links" section.    The records are found at the
                                           Kerr Regional History Center & Archives.
Kerr County Obituaries
                                            Additional names have been added to the Nichols and Center
                                            Point Cemeteries' listings.    The Pico Search Engine and
                                            Cemetery Master Index have been updated.
Kerr County Cemeteries Page

           Sep 16 2007            The Kerr Cemetery Master Index has been separated
                                              into more alphabetical sections to help with quicker access.
                                              All of the current cemetery information on the Kerr County
                                              TXGenWeb page is in this index.   Names of those listed in
                                               the online cemetery pages can also be found using the
                                              Pico Search Engine.
Kerr Cemetery Master Index                                                

            Sep 6 2007                Several names have been added to the Kerr County
                                                 Cemetery Listings.   The Pico Search Engine or the
                                                 Master Index will help you find the name you seek.
Kerr County Cemeteries Page
             Aug 12 2007             Claudia Lackey has provided data from her research to give
                                                  us background information on the Lackey Family who were
                                                  Kerr County pioneers in the Camp Verde area.   This biographical
                                                  sketch is found on the Kerr Photos & More page.  Scroll down to
                                                 "The Lackey Family". 
Kerr Photos & More

             Aug 10 2007             The Kerr County Master Index for online cemetery listings
                                                  has been updated to include the recent Garden of Memories
Cemetery Master Index

            Jul 29 2007                  See the Notice about the Texas State Library's upcoming
                                                   2-year Renovation project.   Click on "Texas State Library
                                                   Renovation" under Genealogy Help & Other Links on the
                                                   Kerr Co TXGenWeb main page.

            Jul 21 2007                  There's an addition to the Kerr Photos & More section.  
                                                    A page with pictures from the Y O Ranch is now there.
                                                    Scroll way down to the bottom of the page to see the
                                                    link to the Y O page (items are alphabetical so "Y O" is last).   
Kerr Photos and More

            Jul 13 2007                  More views of Garden of Memories Cemetery are on the
                                                    Garden of Memories Photo Page.  
Garden of Memories Photo Page

            Jun 19 2007                 The transcription of Kerr County Deaths 1903-1951 is
                                                    complete with the addition of Deaths for 1941-1951.
                                                    Thanks again to the volunteers who furnish these great
                                                    genealogy materials.   
Kerr County Death Records Page

            Jun 12 2007                 Kerr County Deaths for 1930 - 1940 are now on the
                                                    Kerr County TXGenWeb page.    Thank you to those
                                                    who have sent this file for Kerr Co Researchers.
Kerr County Death Records Page                                                    

            Jun 8 2007                  Kerr County TXGenWeb has also received alphabetized
                                                  birth records for 1926 - 1949 which allow researchers to look
                                                  for the name when the birth year is not known.   Thanks to all
                                                  who contribute data to the Kerr County Genealogy Webpage.
Kerr County Birth Records 1926-1949

             Jun 5 2007                A Kerr County Researcher has furnished the Kerr
                                                 TXGenWeb page with a listing of Kerr County Deaths
                                                 for 1903 - 1923 and 1924 - 1929.   The death records for 1903 - 1951
                                                 will be coming soon.     Additions such as this are always welcome.
Kerr County Deaths 1903-1951

                                                Another new link is found on the Kerr County Maps page
                                                for the historic map collection at Perry-Casteñeda Library.
Kerr County Maps

              Apr 24 2007                 New!!  The updated Garden of Memories Cemetery
                                                    data is now online.    This cemetery is currently in use in
                                                     Kerr County so there will be additions on a continuing basis.
                                                     It is a large database which has been divided into numerous
                                                     alphabetical sections to facilitate access.    The Master Index
                                                     does not, yet, have all this new information but that is in the
                                                     process of being done.   The Pico Search Engine does have
                                                     have the new data.
Garden of Memories Cemetery   

             Mar 5 2007                      Another cemetery is added to the Kerr County Cemeteries
                                                        page.   The Bishop-Surber cemetery is on private property in
                                                        Eastern Kerr County.   Photos of those stones which are still
                                                        readable are included.   Genealogy information is also added
                                                        to this cemetery listing.
Cemetery.htm        Bishop-Surber Cemetery

             Jan 9 2007                       A new link to Native American Tribal Information is found
                                                        on the home page thanks to a suggestion from Joe Luther.  

                                                        Also updated are the cemetery listings and Kerr Burial Master
                                                        Index with the latest information for the county.   The search
                                                        engine is also updated.    
Kerr County TXGen Web Page

            Nov 6 2006                     There's a new link on the Kerr County page for the weekly
                                                         newspaper "West Kerr Current".   Irene Van Winkle, a reporter
                                                         for the paper, writes weekly family histories of Kerr County
Kerr County TXGenWeb home page

                                                       To find other Kerr County newspapers visit Kerr County Addresses
        then click on "Newspapers" and find links to the webpages of other
                                                        local papers.   
Kerr County Addresses

             Oct 18 2006                    Several photos are added and linked to the Hunt Cemetery and the
                                                        Nichols Cemetery burials.    More names are added from new
                                                        information or from recent obituaries.   The Cemetery Index
                                                        is updated and so is the Pico Search Engine.  
Kerr County Cemeteries

              Sep 8 2006                       Two new Links are added - Kerr County Maps now has
                                                          a link to an interesting 1914 map of this area (featuring our
                                                          own Kerr County); and "Satellite Views of Cemeteries of
                                                          Kerr County" is another interesting link.   Use your "back button
                                                          to return after visiting these sites.  
Kerr County TXGenWeb home page

                                                        Updates to the cemetery listings have been made from recent
                                                         obituaries.    The Pico Search Engine & Kerr County Burial
                                                         Index are updated to include those.   Just enter the name you
                                                         seek to find any new data.

            Aug 1 2006                      "Early Settler John Sherman left his Mark by
                                                          constructing mill" an article by Irene Van Winkle
                                                          published in "West Kerr Current" is added to
                                                          Kerr Photos and More.  
(Used by permission)
Early Settler John Sherman Story    Kerr Photos & More

           Jul 29 2006                       Mary Simons has sent the Family Group Records
                                                         for Harry Gilman and William A. Taylor.   Thanks Mary.
Kerr Photos & More   (then click on Harry Gilman & Wm.A. Taylor)

            Jun 13 2006                     The Miles Lowrance Widow's Pension File is now
                                                          uploaded and the John S. Lowrance Pension file is
                                                          updated and can be viewed with Adobe Reader®. 
Lowrance Family Documents
                                                        Also, several names have been added to the cemetery
                                                         records and the Pico Search Engine has been updated.

            May 2  2006                      Rondina P. Muncy has sent  Lowrance family items
                                                        including 2 Civil War Pension files and a photo of
                                                        Margaret Lowrance.  The Miles Lowrance Widow's
                                                        Pension File will be added to the page soon .    
Kerr Photos and More   (scroll down to Lowrance Family Documents)  

             Apr 20 2006                      Several additions have been made to the Kerr
                                                         County page thanks to the suggestions and help
                                                         of Joe Luther, Ken Jaeger and Jim Webb.
Camp Verde & Turtle Creek Cemetery page updates;
                                                           updates to Texas Websites for Research and 
                                                           More Websites for ResearchUSA Military Research
                                                           and Texas and US General Land Office websites for Research
                                                           plus a new addition, Genealogy Books Online.  Also there's Joe 
                                                           Luther's "Bandera Pass" exerpt on
Kerr Photos and More.   

             Apr 5 2006                        More tombstone photos are added to the Nichols
                                                          cemetery listing thanks to Linda Minton.   Joy & Felipe
                                                          Lozano have updated a few grave listings for Guadalupe 
                                                          and Mountain View Cemeteries.
   Also added to the
                                                          Kerr County cemeteries are updates from recent 
                                                          obituaries in the local newspapers.   Check the
                                                          Search Engine for the surname of interest to you.
Kerr County Cemetery Page

            Mar 27 2006                       There's a new Link under "Genealogy Help...Genealogy Books
                                                           Online"which takes you to the search page for the Family
                                                           History Library's new online digitized books at the
                                                           Brigham Young University website.  This section is not 
                                                           complete & will be added to often until the Family Histories 
                                                           at the Salt Lake City FHL are all online.    Follow the guidelines
                                                           given when you do a search.  
Genealogy Books Online.

           Feb 1 2006                          Thanks to Casey C. Flinn, there are new
                                                           Rees Family Photos on the Kerr Photos & More
Kerr Photos and More

           Jan 24 2006                      A New Link is on the Kerr Photos & More Page
                                                        to "The Nichols Family" website of  Billie Nichols-Bennett
                                                        with genealogy, picture and stories.
Kerr Photos and More  (scroll down to "The Nichols Family")

                                                      She has also provided 26 more gravestone photos of
                                                       her family at the Nichols Cemetery.    Thanks, Billie.

                                                        Nichols Cemetery M-O & Nichols Cemetery T-Z (Martha E. Turner)

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